Edge of Change

Dead Pirates Need No Jewels

Some new characters, same old shenanigans


Yunn decides to head home to do some much needed personal discovery and family reconciliation. Also, Vero needs some time away from the crazy of this particular group of adventurers, and decides to take off and search out some bounties on his own.

Thankfully, Kwenn Space Station and Freedom Flight have no shortage of characters ready to contribute their unique talents to the cause and this particular crew. Two new folks have teamed up with Lucky, Driona, and the adventures of the Deliverance.

Sasha is a human adventurer — a disenchanted former member of the rebel alliance — ready to attack foes with startling efficient vibro-slashes to keep her team safe.

Jo is a nice, albeit secretive, Mirialan that somehow always seems to get herself out of the tightest of jams as though she were never actually there.

The crew hears, via Amat, that recently there have been attacks on trading ships in an asteroid belt in the Arah system. Rumour has it that the attacks are being made by a centuries old pirate vessel called Dougan’s Hand.

Dougan’s Hand disappeared over 300 years ago, and finding it could be worth a lot of credits to anyone smart enough, or foolish enough, to go adventuring after it. Dougan was a notorious pirate in the days of the Old Republic, and Dougan’s Hand was his battle cruiser. Just joining the search nets each person 1000 credits. Relics are worth 50 to 2000 credits each. And returning with Dougan’s Hand itself????

The attacks in the Arah system began 8 weeks ago. Survivors, few of them there are, say the ship seems to materialize out of thin air. Survivors identified pirate markings on the hull of the ship, but were otherwise unable to provide a clear description. The attacks increased in frequency 4 weeks after the initial salvo.

There are no habitable planets in the Arah system. In fact, the only anything in the area is a space station named Backroom. The Backroom space station is owned by someone named Navin Brody, who likes crude jokes and fine Corelian brandy, and rumour has it that it’s a huge smuggling port. In fact, although it’s well outside the Empire’s normal sphere of influence, it’s been placed on the Empire’s restricted list.

PR5C: A Non-Murderous Droid!
After leaving it deactivated for a very long time, amidst fears that it would try to kill us all, Driona activates the astromech droid that’s been on the ship! Its name is PR5C, but prefers to be called Percy. It used to work for Trusk and, prior to that, the Zahn Consortium.

To the Arah System
Backroom space port is exceedingly busy, struggling to keep up with the additional ships looking to refuel and go in search of Dougan’s Hand. We say that we’re on “official business” and, for some reason, that’s good enough to get us priority docking at the space port.

We discover that Freefall Cantina is where we’ll likely find Navin. Sasha recognizes the ship of an explorer named Beloche., a sleazy professor turned tomb raider constantly in search of treasure. We also notice a small news shuttle that belongs to INN — the Imperial News Network. Lucky finds the INN reporter, Renee, with a hovering camera droid in tow. INN doesn’t want her covering the story, but she’s come out all the same.

Lucky convinces her to join us to get the story, adn tells her that we’ve already been on the ship. She offers to interview Lucky and Lucky counters that she should come with us, because he knows exactly where the ship is. She finds this arrangement agreeable.

Lucky then happens to see Jostero the Pirate walking through the crowd. Jostero tells Lucky that he talked to a survivor who said the ship came out of nowhere, fired a quad-laser blast, and disappeared again. That survivor, sadly, has since died of wounds inflicted in the attack.

Driona talks to the dock workers and convinces them to let her fix up their operation to make it more efficient and less error prone, for some information on Navin. In the ensuring conversation, they accidentally reveal that Navin will be meeting with Beloche, soon.

To Freefall!
Freefall Cantina is named as such due to malfunctioning gravity generators in the bar, which gives patrons the experience of drinking, socializing, and dancing in almost a virtual freefall. We check some of our weapons, smuggle some in, and start making the rounds.

Driona goes to the bar, straightaway, and asks the person behind the bar — Navin, conveniently — if he has any Corelian Brandy. Any adventurer who likes Corelian Brandy is surely a friend of his, and that adventurer’s friends and his friends to! Driona is certain that any future conversations with Navin will be aided by their common love. After Driona and Navin wrap up their conversation, Beloche, with entourage, enters the bar, sees Navin, smirks, sits, and snaps his fingers for the servers to come to his table. Jo stealthily approaches the table and overhears that Beloche is getting a datapad of information from Navin, full of information on the attacks.

Lucky, unbeknownst to the rest of the group, makes eye contact with someone with whom he’s had previous contact and is both surprised and none-too-pleased to see him. He sneaks away from the group, puts on a disguise, and re-emerges from the bathroom to avoid this un-named former acquaintance .

Back to the rest of the crew…
Driona talks to Navin and triumphantly convinces him to allow us to copy the data on the datapad before he gives it over to Navin! We copy the data and leave. While walking away from the cantina we ask Lucky about the costume change and he simply says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Back to the ship!
We set Percy on the data in the info pad. Driona prepares a bug that will allow us to snoop on the whereabouts of Beloche as he’s in his cockpit and traveling. Jo and Sasha sneak aboard Beloche’s ship, while he’s still drinking, celebrating his information coup, to hide the listening device. Unfortunately, they don’t find a particularly great place to hide the bug; fortunately, the best place to hide the bug also happens to be where Beloche hid additional information about the attacks. His information includes attack patterns and between this additional information and previous accounts, we realize that there must be more than one ship involved in these attacks. Another survivor account described people yelling over the com channels “Yar!” and “Avast Mateys!”

Lucky has been charged with keeping an eye out for any approaching people. (The now-stoned dock workers were charged with the same, for what it’s worth.) He sees someone approaching… hoping it isn’t the mysterious former acquaintance from the bar, he’s pleased to see it’s Renee from INN. He redirects her from walking toward Beloche’s ship to ours.

Back on Deliverance…

Having left Beloche’s ship, Sasha and Jo return to Deliverance, to find Percy’s has completed his analysis of the datapad, as well as Renee from INN.

Percy is able to tell us that in the first wave of attacks, there were few-to-no survivors, ships were completely destroyed, and they occurred well inside the asteroid belt. In the second wave of attacks, ships were partially destroyed, boarded, and looted; these attacks happened randomly throughout the belt. The first wave’s sole survivor describes a ship that was an order of magnitude smaller than the description of the ship that started making attacks in the second wave. The ship in the second wave matches the description of an ancient battle cruiser. The ship from the first wave was much smaller. All accounts say all of the ships materialized out of thin air. (thin space?) Accounts of those who boarded and looted ships as a part of the second wave of attacks report seeing people wearing tricorn hats and eye patches.

And as for Renee, the crew is uncomfortable being interviewed or filmed on their quest to find Dougan’s Hand, and they arrange for Lucky and Renee to take Renee’s ship, so Lucky can get all the face time he wants without them being involved.

To the asteroid belt!
As we make our way to the asteroid belt, Driona knows that it’s possible to cloak a ship, given certain types of material, and those materials can be found in the asteroid belt.

On our way in, alarm bells go off! There’s something very wrong with our armor plating, very much to our despair.

After repairing the armor, we notice cloaked Tie Fighters flying toward us, which we dispatch.

No sooner than we think we’ll have a moment to rest, does Dougan’s Hand appear and begin to pull us in with a tractor beam. A malfunctioning pirate droid can be heard on the intercom.

After boarding the ghost ship, we’re ambushed by security droids, and a giant hydrolic Krakken monster. Lucky is terrified at the sight of Sasha single-handedly removing an entire group of enemies. All the same, he continued his interview with Renee and INN, whilst being fired upon.

We manage to best the enemies, and make our way to the bridge. We discover the 300 year old body of Dougan himself and a homicidal droid that’s been hooked into Dougan’s Hand’s computer systems. Driona determines the droid will need to be removed from the computer systems, killing it in the process, and while Sasha pulls out her Vibrosword, and Lucky eyes the expensive jewelry that still adorns Dougan the pirate, the scene fades to black and we await to see what adventures our explorers will face next.



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