Selonian Gadgeteer


A Selonian male, Vero is aged 28 years, 1.8 m tall, with brown fur and black eyes. He is lanky and a bit scrawny, and has a scraggly bald spot on the right side of his chest resulting from a scar.


Basic Backstory

Vero grew up to play the only role a male can in Selonian society—that of a breeder. With no say over his life and no status in society, he was resigned to a life without purpose until the fateful day he stumbled into Corrend, a Gand Bounty Hunter. For the first time, Vero saw a male living his own life, and he longed for that for himself. He determined to find a way off-world. Corrend knew the hard life of one exiled from his people and took pity on Vero, taking him on as an apprentice and away from Selonia.

Career: Bounty Hunter – Gadgeteer

As an apprentice to Corrend, Vero began to learn the ways of the Bounty Hunter. He became strong and agile, skilled in combat and coercion. He learned how to track his marks through back alleys and wilderness alike, and earned his IPKC. After a few years, it was time for Vero to strike out on his own.

While still a little naive to the ways of many alien species, Vero relies on his natural grit and self-restraint to tease the truth out of complicated situations. He enthusiastically abides by the Bounty Hunter’s Creed, which has become a personal tenet for him.

Base Obligation: Favor – 15

Vero owes a great deal to Corrend, who not only opened his eyes to a new life, but helped him learn the skills to support himself as a Bounty Hunter. While they’ve gone their separate ways, he would do nearly anything Corrend asked of him, and feels he may never be able to fully repay the favor.

Motivation: Ambition – Freedom

Above all else, Vero strives to live his own life, free from others’ ideas of who he should be. Ultimately, he wants those same things for other people as well.


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