Karka "Lucky" Zikri'ok

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Basic Backstory

While much is shrouded about Lucky’s history, he’s been on record saying that he’s grown up in the rough and tumble edgers. While the connections aren’t fully known, many say that he grew up the child of spicers often, ironically, working tirelessly in the mines of Kessel. According to Holonet reports, Lucky has been seen entering the same sabbac parlor with the murderous Gyylghrard, but nothing can be directly linked. While he comes from a difficult upbringing, he had interned within Mon Mothma’s organization which attempted to provide aid to war ridden planets.


Currently much is unknown of how Lucky earns his pay, historically he’s been known to jump to action for a hefty price. In the Dresden interviews on Coruscant, he had said that much of experience had been by:

“making certain connections both in and out of corporate life.”

Base Obligation: Family

Lucky wants to build a positive family and individual reputation.

Motivation: Freedom

Again in the Dresden interviews and the Sah’c Town debate, Lucky is quoted:

Lucky: “We’re not here for ourselves, we’re here to make life better for the worst, to expand our horizons as a people, and to give what we can for our future progeny to actually have a chance in this corruption.”
Lucky: “NO! I won’t stand for it—I won’t be a part of any system of bondage…[inaudible]… I’ve lived my life fighting for those who will never fight again.”
[End of Transcript]

Karka "Lucky" Zikri'ok

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