Driona Madigan

Corellian Human Mechanic


Basic Backstory

Shanlyn (older sister) and Driona were in school, and while Shanlyn was always a strong performer, she let Driona tag along and they were fairly close. Shanyln developed skills readily and specilaizations that were in high demand, and one day she disappeared completely, without any indication if she was abducted by an unknown gang, an organization, a a corporation, or something worse. Driona and her family spent time investigating where Shanlyn may be, but everytime they came close, bad things happened. They had to move several times after they returned to a house ransacked by the capturing forces, and Driona lost her father the very evening she herself graduated from school, when he went out to pick up a special treat for them to share. Driona’s mother, Mairead, is now the literal “home base” for their continued search for Shanlyn, and Driona is willing to work with whoever she must to find information and follow the trail to recover Shanlyn, and hope for the best that she’s still the sister she knew all those years ago.

Career: Technician – Mechanic

Driona had always loved to tinker with things when she was a kid, and had often stayed up late with her sister, hearing her stories from various classes trying to think how she could build a droid or a ship or a machine that could perform such particular tasks. When Shanlyn went missing, Driona naturally filled the “fix-it” role in the family, her dad was the adept explorer, her mom the tacktful gatherer of knowledge, Driona kept their tools working, and built new ones as needed. Now that she’s on her own she’s trying to emulate the skills she gleaned from her parents, but when the outside world is too exhausting, she retreats to her tinkering to work through problems.

Base Obligation: Family

Mom is now at home and has developed a mild phobia of leaving the bunker that the house has turned into – bad things happen when she leaves. She has a tendency to make insightful decisions when she can turn over lots of information, but when challenged to make a decision quickly, she has been known to make short-sighted choices that prioritize home and her only known daughter, over making headway on finding Shanlyn.

Motivation: Freedom

Original goal of freedom for my sister from whoever has captured her has morphed into a broader sense of freedom for those from forces that are pushing them to make decisions or take on obligations that don’t fall in line with their own personal goals or desires. The sense somewhat extends to myself – I desperately want to find my sister, but I also long for that find to be done so I can go on to being myself, feeling both tremendous love but also slight resentment.

Driona Madigan

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