Edge of Change

Providential Piloting

An unconventional path to finding wookies

Goals: Trying to get a contact to find the wookiee, Yuboorr who bought his freedom from Tirello the hutt. Both Poparra the Hutt and the bounty are on Smuggler’s Moon…

Check in with Shell
Shell is finding more parts to build the cargo pods, but there is difficulty finding the life support system – the one in the ship cannot support the extra load

At Smuggler’s Moon
VERY busy – shaaaady dealings
Popara greets us with a hearty laugh – he was expecting us via Gustip

Lucky’s Approach
We’re with a small non-profit working to free slaves
Do you know anything about a certain wookiee, Yuboorr
Popara’s eyes open wide – “I DO have some information!”
He’s pleased we brought up slavery issue: he is frustrated by it and wants the business focused plan for the clan but suspects Tirello is trying to keep slave trade high, under the radar.

Lead on Yuboorr: Rumor of wreckage on corvette ship being used as a prisoner ship.
Ship had been destroyed in asteroid field, but there’s a particular bit of wreckage in the area where transfer station is. We’ll want a skilled pilot because of the asteroid field.

Lucky thanks him for the info and asks if there any games to play, hoping to find some shady contacts, but it seems like it might be tough to find a good in.

Yunn interrupts: any angle we can take to infiltrate the transfer station? WE get an answer but Driona didn’t write it down.

Vero uncomfortably asks if it’s common for people to buy their freedom from Tirello. Poparra says that Tirello’s one weakness when it comes to slaves/slavery is getting paid.
How much do slaves go for? Varies few hundred to tens of thousands

Finding the Bounty
Vero, Yunn, Lucky
Corellian Sector
Track a lead, head toward undercity into a cave – very poor, hard-times
Vero sneaks up using his Selonian low light vision, walks in until close and when he startles and notices he’s not alone. Vero, says “I’m going to need you to come with me”
Guy hangs head, knows he’s been caught.
Vero binds him. Walks out
Turns him in, gets 1000 credits! Go Vero!

Finding the Life Support
Driona wanders around Smuggler’s Moon, and doesn’t find the life support equipment, but finds a mechanic who tells me how to to pull parts from a specific type of ship, the procedure and protocol for disconnecting and reconfiguring to boost the life support. SUPER COOL.
Power Source (special), Control Unit – both necessary.

Going to the Corvette Shipwreck Transfer Station
Getting into the cockpit of Deliverance – Driona gets message from Mareaid who made a big “heat of the moment” mistake. Mom entered her into a swoop race as the means of getting out of trouble but doesn’t have much detail other than there’s one guy who can’t win – and it wasn’t going to be a problem because mom knows Driona’s such a good pilot…

Race is through crystal swamps – swoop gangs have hotshot pilots enter these races, so often not “clean." Driona talks crew into going to Corellia – it’ll help practice piloting skills and we can talk to Jos Tero about flying through asteroid fields.

Racing for Mom
Lucky and Yunn try to buy out the best gang for 2K credits, we’d get the 1500 credits
Driona gets the bikes for self, Vero and Yunn. Lucky is “not in the race” and bets 500 credits on Driona
1 – Straightaway – Driona lead
2 – Marsh area with finger bones – Driona swings wide, NPC takes lead
3 – Crystal Glass – Yunn takes shot at glass and damages NPC’s bike, Driona re-takes lead
4 – The Pinch – Driona makes it there first and sweeps through
5 – Final straightaway – Driona SPEEDS through the finish, skids to a stop and then shakes down hair from helmet, the glow of victory surrounds her

Going to the Corvette Shipwreck Transfer Station (really, this time)
Navigating to the transfer station through asteroids and chunks of ship debris from a corvette was difficult. Teamwork helped us successfully avoid the asteroids!
Lucky goes in, intending to talk to the prison guards under the guise of finding out about jobs but nobody is there
Instead, he sees a “big blue thing”, but has no idea what to do
Sees there are two locked doors, realizes there is an alarm on one, and disarms it. He then opens to reveal a room with two battle droids that are off, but don’t know if they’re disabled. He commlinks us to bring us in.
Driona disables the droids (plans on harvesting from them as needed)
Driona looks at the blue glowing thing – IT IS THE LIFE SUPPORT UNIT I AM LOOKING FOR. This is the sustaining unit, not the control unit but it’s a start.
Locked doors exploration
Door C – empty, for all intents and purposes
Door B – Yuboorr comes running out, weilding two broken off chunks of his bed!
Lucky uses his social skills to calm the wookiee down
I look at the control room and find a log/communication system alongside the life support control unit
Prison logs are present: see lots of dates and logs, intermittent for sure
Com logs – most are uninteresting, something seems to be deleted
Vero wants to check the building for any other prisoners – finds an access card with a logo that matches the logo we saw on the napkin!
Get the control center free and the life support unit free, get Yuboorr onto the ship, get everything out and we’re on the way
Yuboorr looks around and realizes that he knows this ship. He turns to us and says he is excited for the chance to catch up with Trusk…


Driona’s Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.



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