Edge of Change

Just a Small Distraction

Yaboor shares his story
Yaboor and Trusk were trying to find Trusk’s family and had tracked them to the planet Carda, which has a large scale excavation operation with 1000s of slaves (includig Trusk’s family).

Trusk was working on getting what he needed to modify his ship while Yaboor was finding information about the operation on Carda and quietly building a team to infiltrate.

What Yaboor found was that the Zann Consortium behind the excavation on Carda. They have been getting slaves through Tirello the Hutt, who has secretly been engaging in slave trade behind the back of Popara the Hutt and the rest of the Anjiliac kajidic.

Driona asked what kind of ship mods Trusk was working on. Mainly it was the creation of two life support pods that would attach to his ship, which would be made to look like they were for basic cargo transport.

Vero asked about the ship and specifically about the special encrypted communication computer. Lots of comm there, yes. Yaboor’s shared his key so they can securely communicate with him.

Yaboor was thankful for his rescue, as he was destined to be taken to the slave colony as part of his capture. He asked us to help him with the mission to help Freedom Flight and pay homage to Trusk by freeing his family. Of course we agreed.

Going to meet folks at Kwenn Station
Our Goal: find a Zann Consortium contact, figure out what we’d need to know to deliver a shipment to the planet Carda as a cover to get through the Zann planetary security. We agreed that we could find some information at Kwenn space station.

Go to the Cantina!
There’s a game on – lots of activity at the Tallifax Inn. Vero and Lucky go to the promising table to try to get some info. Smooth conversation! Show the napkin and it is the Zann Consortium logo! Not only that, but the Zann Consortium has lots of activity to/from Kwenn.

They also learned about one member of the Zann Consortium in particular: Hulo. He’s a smooth talker, knows more about their operation than he probably should. In fact he’s a relative nobody, but super plugged in because of personality—and he has a room at a hotel on the station.

Go to Hulo’s!
We put together a plan to show up at Hulo’s door with a delivery of pizza and beer. So we ALL walk in and bring pizza and beer! Well, we kind of railroad our way in and say, “You’re the guy to know, your friends sent us with this food!”

He’s a bit cocky – sells himself as fairly important, big deal, and it’s definitely true that he’s a really smooth talker and that we aren’t really going to be able to smile our way through this guy.

After a bit of conversation he gets suspicious, stands up and demands we leave. Vero, hand on blaster, steps into his space and says “We’ve got business and we need more info than that.” The coerscion worked as Hulo starts to panic – really hit a nerve. He spills lots of information:
We learned that various ships make surface deliveries and it’s not uncommon. Excavation equipment and slaves are the most common deliveries, but food is also brought in.

The excavation site is near south pole – which is good! Most planet is too hot to be habitable. Ground control typically not used, a large corvette class ship is in a tight orbit near the south pole of Carda.

The ship is called The Illuminator and is the main gatekeeper. The Zann Consortium leadership is posted there. ANYBODY who wants to get to the south pole needs to get cleared through that ship.

Hulo has shipping codes for equipment that will be delivered, which could potentially be used to get by. He also makes comments about some recent damage the Illuminator had taken from some asteroid debris that clipped them (but stayed clear of the planet). They intend to do planet-side repair soon, since if the ship is planet-side, NO SHIPS are allowed in, even with a clearance code. Will be shot at with full power. Best to move quickly to avoid this.

Unfortunately, Hulo doesn’t know if there is any special protocol for leaving the planet. He does know, however, that there is lots of ground-based defense, but few if any other ships stationed near the planet.

The situation on the planet is a bit odd, because Zann consortium doesn’t typically manage slave labor. They usually trade them but they’ve been diverting slaves for this particular excavation project. They seem to be relying on the inhospility of the rest of the planet to keep slaves in camp and working.

Hulo was curious about what the excavation is all about but couldn’t get it: apparently this is a closely guarded secret within the Zann Consortium. He does know that they’ve had to bring more and more slaves as they’ve mined more

Tells us the mining site that the Trusk brother is at: Norther

The commander of The Illuminator is Commander S Halcyon (the same one on the napkin)

How do we find people in Zann when we need to in order to iron out the details?
HQ but most stuff doesn’t happen there
Gotta work the network. Pretty massive but behind the scenes.

Lucky Inspiringly rehtorizes him and he’s feeling much less strained. Vero and Lucky leave, then Yunn tries to smooth things over but the guy is snarky so Driona smacks him in the back of the head with a beer bottle, knocking him out.

They Disguise him and carry him out like a bounty, though we’re careful to check ahead for anyone who might ask questions if they ran into us with this bounty following us to our ship “Weekend at Banterpf’s” style.

What’s Next
We talk with Yaboor and he says he’ll manage the Hulo situation for us. With that handled, we share the rest of the intel we gathered. Yaboor has assembled a crew to do drops at two locations near the excavation site, to converge and secure the site. We’ll be free to go in and rescue Trusk’s brother (Niss) and his children. At this point we gather supplies and head out the LONG route to get to Carda. We are doing well and build camaraderie along the way.

During our final supply stop on the long trek to Carda, our “cargo” gets out for a little R&R, heading out from the docking bay and checking out different shops and diversions at the supply station.

We relax a bit, too, but when we walk out of the local cantina we see a stressed Devaroinan trader trying to talk his way out of something with some Imperial guards.

Vero sneaks closer to hear what’s going on. They demand to inspect the Devaroinan’s ship to ensure he doesn’t have any undeclared cargo.

Our crew is scattered all over the place and we would have a hard time justifying our passengers, their weapons, and gear…and it looks like our ship is next.

We comm out to the crew to come back in some small groups.

While some of the Imperials search the Devaronian’s ship, others wait outside with him so he can’t influence the search. Lucky strolls up and chats with trader who is not happy about the situation. He babbles on about his legitimate operation and how this is ridiculous.

Lucky decides to take a different approach, wandering off to create a distraction for the Imperials. He throws a stun grenade and it goes off, but unfortunately it does so near a previously-unseen tank of fuel, so instead of a quiet little explosion, there’s a MASSIVE explosion that pierces a hole in the side of the space station.

Pandemonium ensues and everyone runs toward their ships in giant traffic jam of bodies.

Yaboor, heading back to the ship, gets pushed off the edge of the platform, but catches himself on a small outcropping about 2m below the platform, saving him from a long fall to certain death.

Vero and Yunn go to rescue looking for a way to reach Yaboor and end up dangling a tapestry over the edge but they struggle to get the tapestry close enough.

Lucky, who has been running for what seemed like days, finally arrives with rope and he struggles with Vero and Yunn to hold the rope while Yaboor climbs back up

We get everybody on the ship and take off amongst all of the chaos, back on our way toward Carda. It is only a matter of time.


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