Edge of Change

The Corellian Shuffle

(Rough Notes, entered w/o editing after the session, from Driona’s Perspective)
(Edited 2015-05-22 by Yunn)

The Corellian Shuffle
Details of our four deliveries given as we prep for the trip. Speed is of the essence.

Phase 1 – Moldy Mynock
The Moldy Mynock is just a micro hyper-space jump away; we should arrive relatively quickly.
Duros (Prisoner) — tunic, boots, trousers: Duros calls out, asks for help. Lucky chats him up. Duros says that he’s an innocent journalist who’s being given over to people who do bad things to murder witnesses. Lucky hates journalists… leaves, and moves on to the next new person on the ship, Verd.

Verd, the ex-patriot: really smart, dingy tunic, has a quiet dignity about him.
Lucky walks to Verd, immediately turns around, and returns to Duros the prisoner and peppers him with questions — Who are you? Why are you here? — finally punctuated with a kick.

Duros says he’s running from a crime syndicate. (Duros has?) info about somebody who was assassinated, and the syndicate is trying to make him go away. He’s sure he’ll never see the light of day, again, if he’s turned over.

The group discusses and, while concerned for someone who is potentially being unfairly detained, decides to take no action.

Verd (Ex-Pat): about 60, has a quiet dignity to him, green tunic.
Lucky comes back in, mouthin’ off about the prisoner, and asks Verd why he’s with us. Verd has a sick mother on Corellia. He was politically exiled from Corellia, and is being smuggled back onto the planet with help from our crew.

Verd doesn’t seem to know about Duros.

Meeting up with the Moldy Mynock
Docking up with the Moldy Mynock is difficult, due to the Mynock’s proximity to a gravity well. The commlink officer calls Driona a lackey, who, in turn, flips him off under the console.

Once docked, the crew from the Moldy Mynock comes aboard the ship and release Duros from his binders. Duros was a plant/decoy prisoner, used to test our crew trustworthiness in completing the next 3 legs of our missions. We passed the test for delivering the “prisoner” and earned our first sticker, which sported a picture of a mynock, and was placed on the chest given to us by Gustip. (Which came with implicit instructions to not open.)
1 sticker earned.

Phase 2 – Ava Bush and the Nek Princess
The next drop off is 10 crates of avabush spice, which we’re delivering to a ship that will be stationed near Selonia. The crew charts a mightily speedy course to our destination (huzzah!) and we drop out of hyperspace in perfect harmony with the Nek Princess.

Once docked, it’s apparent that the Nek’s crew expects us to move all 10 crates of cargo by ourselves, which could take a while. Luckily, this crew still has the lift that was acquired at the same time as the ship. Vero grabs the lift and moves the cargo with wonderful expediency. Yunn helps out. Driona watches the ship.

Once done, the captain of the Nek Princess brings over the second sticker, which displays an image of spelunking expedition and places it on the chest.

Phase 3 – Glitterstim and The Empty Boot
A bit paranoid about walking into a setup or ambush, we look for, and find, a hiding spot on the ship for the chest with our stickers, where it slides in perfectly.

The third stop on our personal Family Reunion, is near the planet Dra’al, where we’ll be dropping off Gliterstim. Our navigation isn’t the most direct route and we get there a bit slower than we could have. We arrive to find The Empty Boot: a big bulk freighter. We dock and unload easily; this is an efficient operation and the Empty Boot’s crew takes care of the transfer. The Cargo Master brings the sticker to us, which features a picture/advertisement of the Dra’al library. We take the sticker and apply it to the chest ourselves.

Phase 4 – A funny thing happened on the way to the Legacy Horizon: Asteroids, Pirates, and Pastries
Our last drop is near Corellia. Driona chats with Verd: she knows where he’s from and it sounds like he got screwed over. Verd gets a bit fired up about the reasons he was “expastriated”. Turns out, there was a zoning issue regarding building the largest pastry shop on Corellia. Verd, in fighting to get the shop built, called in a lot of favors and, in the end, sort of sold out some of those connections; the shop was successfully built, though, and survives to this day.

The ship we’re connecting up with knows details of his drop so Driona can’t really help smuggle him in, but he gives her a coupon to hook us up with AWESOME pastries.

An encounter with Space Pirates
En route, an asteroid forces us out of hyperspace and we avoid it but realize this is a tactic of Space Pirates and sure enough, there are three ships.

They say “turn off your engines and prepare to be boarded”

Lucky says, “not comfortable with this whole thing, so what do you want? What can we do for you?” Lucky keys in on the leader of the group: Captain Jos Tero

Captain Tero has a reputation for disabling and scrapping ships, and leaving the crew floating in space.

Lucky establishes a rapport with Cap’n and convinces him that we’ve got nothing for him and will help him out. The Cap’n diverts his people and says we should catch up on Corellia – at the Small King’s Cantina (SKC). As it happens, Verd knows the SKC – cousin of the guy who owns the Pastry Shop.

Pirates out of the way, we resume our trek to Corellia and contact the Legacy Horizon to transfer Verd.

Myri (Drall): Sees we completed the errand and is pleased. With Gustiv/tip retiring and contracting the job out, she was worried that it wouldn’t happen.

Myri is so pleased, that she says the organization she represents could use us… the work is dangerous, but it pays well.

Myri gives us the final sticker, which commemorates “treasure ship row”, and tells us to pass along to Gustip that she’s sad to see him go.

After much discussion, the team is not landing on Corellia to get pastries. (Driona gets half the pastries when we come back.) The team heads to THE Cantina for Gus Gus.

Quid Pro Quo
The team meets Gus Gus at the Cantina. Lucky says “let’s get the info, okay?”… he’d like the contact info before handing over the chest.

The exchange of info and chest will be without issue

Gustip gives insight on who Myri is:
Myri is majordomo for for Terello the Hutt, one of the Hutt’s vying to lead the Anjeliak Clan. The Wookie we’re trying to find just escaped from him.

There are others vying to lead the clan and one of the other major players is Popara the Hutt, who happens to be our hard-earned contact in HuttSpace.

During the conversation, Lucky passes on Myri’s sadness at his retirement, and Gustip seems somewhat surprised. Vero asks about his confusion at the Myri comment. He reiterates that he is going off to explore wild space and not running any more tricks.

Never calm at the Cantina
Vero leaves to find bounty – finds a target deeper in Hutt space, located on Smuggler’s Moon, (Nar Shadaa) which orbits the Hutt homeworld. (Also, the target was located on some particular sector of the moon, which had a name that sounded like a planet or place we’ve already visited.)

Driona helps out behind the bar, comes out and there is Mallsam checking out the bar. She successfully continues standing, without dropping the glasses. Driona chats with Mallsam successfully, apologizes for knocking over the table, says she just wanted to say hey because of her dad, and, with some comlink encouragement from Yunn, awkwardly asks Mallsam to go get dinner.

At dinner, they talk about a game she saw of his where they lost, but it was the last thing that she and her dad did together before things with the family got really tough. She was about 8 and loved the mechanics of the game, etc…

Back to Corellia
We head back to Corellia to get the pastries and meet up with Jos the pirate to see what info we can glean.

Jos doesn’t have any jobs that are well suited for our team, but he does have some good information on our Hutt situation. Terello and Popara have different philosophies on running the clan. Popara is a business Hutt, first. He wants to focus on legitimate business, which would be a change for the clan. Terello like things the way they already are: flush with spice and slaves. Popara has been trying to get the clan out of the slave trade, and Terello has been countering by trying to stay in but keep it under the table.

The dispute between the two Hutts has been heating up and Gus Gus was playing both sides… he’s decided now’s the time to escape to the relative safety of wild space, lest he incur the wrath of two Hutts.

During this time Driona heads to check in with her mother.

At some point, Yunn and Driona head to the hospital that has Verd’s mom. The hospital staff tells us that the mother has had almost no visitors, which is quite sad. Only one man who came to visit, but refused to go through any of the forma sign-in or check-in procedures. It’s possible that we left some sort of hard-to-trace contact information next to the woman’s bed.


No Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.



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