Edge of Change

For the Love of the Cantina

You never know what you're gonna get

Message from Omat
Glad for clearing Trusk’s name.
Freedom Flight communications: specialized comm system in Deliverance.
Encrypted messages connect groups
Earn trust with peers to communicate
NOTE: must manually delete sensitive information
ENCRYPTION KEY: Omat < – > Trusk’s Ship. FF comm only
Message from Omat waiting

Space station is bustling, empire ships are being repaired.

Talking Shop with Shell
Priorities: powerful but agile, defense, then smuggling stowage for
Connection for reinforced plating for work on a star destroyer
Can get it pretty discreetly and relatively traceless
A week to get the parts, can store for a little bit

Droid Diagnostics
Check doesn’t reveal much since the droid isn’t assembled, but does find that I could wipe it’s memory right now, if I wanted to.
Decide to assemble it (2 failure, 1 triumph)
Putting together
Pre-release model, assembled with care by hand w/high quality parts
Not intended to be a simple astro-mech droid.
Purpose: quite cunning indeed
**Clear these pieces were found in different places
Increased cost to complete repairs: 600 credits

Shopping spreeeeee!
Much debating and deliberating occurs. Driona still just wants 4 emergency repair packs. Vero wants binders and stun grenades (and maybe some stimpacks). 796 credits later they walked off with a lot of stuff…including a tent that will maybe be used.

Finding Storm Troopers
Lucky finds them. He gets knocked down. But he gets up again. And meets an officer in the Imperial Navy, Kuna Tillo, who is pleased that despite falling, Lucky did not spill his drink. All this is off the com-link so the others are unaware.

Omat’s Message
Realize there are dozens of messages that have come in. Don’t have keys for others
Rumor about wookie “Yuboorr” bought freedom from “Tirello the Hutt” but Y’s missing
We don’t know specifically who these folks are, but we do know he’s part of the Anjiliac kajidic of the hutts, a larger clan but not nearly the influence as Jabba the Hutt’s clan: Desilijic.

Back at the Cantina
Barkeeper: Ra’fenna
No game, handful of patrons. The group splits and has some parallel conversations.
Driona, Shell and Vero take a booth and a drink, but quickly conversation devolves into shop-talk between Driona and Shell as she shares things she saw back in the day with her dad and Shell helps imagine what they could have been, and shares some tales of his own. This bores Vero immensely so he walks over to the conversation that’s unfolded with the others…
Lucky looks around – one interesting character at a table who seems to be at the boundary of the edge and stuff. (Gustip)
Yunn perceieves: Aqualish. Not as social, but senses some good ins. No clear vibe: not lookin for anything but not closed off.
Never been to QSS before, passing through with folks who are going into Wild Space. He’s excited for his first trip out there.
Vero asks about cruise ships. Reveals that he did indeed grow up in a cave.
Lucky “wants to come with” but the guy is uneasy talking about the group
Yunn asks about his war stories. Kessel-area asteroid belts. Lucky knows the area, particularly the prison.
Yunn asks about the hutts. Sees him flinch. Lucky asks about contacts in Hutt space – yes, but for a favor. Needs a “special shipment moved around.”
Lucky tries to negotiate for info: 1 failure (despair), 5 advantage
Nope. But we find out that our route is Family Reunion (known smuggling route) a.k.a. the Corellian Shuffle. Cargo will be delivered to four different destinations. Must have three previous seals. If we lose the cargo or tamper with it we forfeit.
Drop 1: Prisoner
Drop 2: 10 crates of ava bush spice
Drop 3: 5 crates glitter stem spice
Drop 4: Ex-pat
Locations: Near Selonia. Not going to planets, going to ships.
Ra’Fenna doesn’t recognize the guy. But was glad to see us.
Yunn asks about owner: charming, others love him, always a crowd. He doesn’t want to be the center of a mob of people. Wants a more personal connection.
Driona is three drinks in and stumbles into the bathroom and during that,there’s a scream…

Yunn: “Woah woah woah!” Yunn communicates with RF via lekku. RF Doesn’t know the guy, not first time at gunpoint, can hold her own.
He pauses and slightly lowers the gun, but hand’s still on the trigger. Kinda drunk, maybe a loose cannon. Group by the bar have all drawn their weapons.

Recollections, not in chronological order
Lucky runs in, karate kicks a guy and then runs out
Shell knocks over tables to an sizeable barrier, then communicates with Driona to coax her out of the bathroom.
Driona comes drunkenly out of the bathroom and tries to shoot at the sprinklers, misses, but manages to knock a pile of secret service minions prone.
Vero tail-tackles the lady (later revealed to be the Senator’s gf/wife), and just kinda hits her shins.
After Lucky came in and dramatically jumped through the air and shot the last minion in the face, he slides the Senator a drink. The senator then drinks the shot, then tries to drink his gun, and doesn’t shoot anybody.
Driona runs down the bar and bear-hugs the Senator successfully hugs him after he drops his gun. This angers his gf/wife. After he wrangles free I try to stun him but miss, but that lets the bartender know she can jump up and pin him down at which point Lucky jumps on his chest and fails at negotiating with the very drunk Senator who instead stands up and passes out.
At some point the lady runs out of the Cantina. The group implores Yunn to run after her. Yunn tries to track her through the crowd, thinks he’s caught up with her, only to see he’s mistaken and has been following the wrong person.
The guy is a Senator. The people around him were his secret service and protection. We know what he looked like and we will find him.


No Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.



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