Edge of Change

Confidence of Success is Almost Success

Repaying Trusk's Debt

Draft of Writeup – from Driona’s perspective
As Deliverance and her crew speed away from the planet, they spend time getting to know the ship, and a bit about each other.

In the Cargo hold Karka finds a heavy repeating blaster (which can be mounted on a stand), strewn pieces of an older droid that’s clearly been tinkered with, lots of junk
Storage closet: Karka finds
2 stim packs
Functional blaster pistol
Gallery: Vero explores
Painting of a galaxy
Crew Quarters:
Looks like not much of a crew, beds are joined together, maybe a family was there.
Captain’s Quarters:
Walls lined with notes of thanks (many people, many dialects)
Escape Pods:
Near CQ – perfectly functional
Near Lounge – broken seal that hasn’t given way
Driona inspects (2 success (1 triumph)) finds that the repair is definitely manageable, but we’ll need to be in a repair bay on ground.

Called In
Com-link signal comes on, “Trusk! Trusk! We need you!”
Yunn hears the call, comlinks us wanting to tell the whole truth
Karka says, no – let’s find a partial check
“We met up with Trusk, with the delivery and we’re continuing the mission for him.”
Other folks (Shell): Glad to hear the delivery is going well, gives us directions. Because of the success of missions, we’ll get to meet with Omat in person.
Kwenn Space Station: Dock #G33
Driona does knowledge check to find out about Omat. Don’t know anything, but haven’t heard of “Omat the destroyer” but gut feel is that he’s generally positive.
Crate inspection: lots of com-gear, good for terrestrial

Going to Kwenn
We had done some documentation and research to have bases covered
Triad defense for the planet we were on had an infiltrator and had used the force to their advantage. The Triad leadership not being known meant it was hard to verify this information. Triad defense forces had operations and maneuvers but the general distrust for those plans as a result of this rumor.
Droid investigation: Driona inventories droid – sees it was a prototype for an R5 but something is a bit different. Most parts are here but some parts are warped or dented – will take a while to hammer things out. Missing some common parts.
R1 -big and bulky, R2 flew in ship, R3/R4: specialties
R5 – streamlined version, known for being cheap-ish (bad motivator when sold by a Jaba) – but the internals don’t seem to be the same. Internals seem to be more like the early production unit built by hand.
I proceed to bring parts around the ship with me and work on tinkering them back into shape.

Sharing Stories
Corrend the Gand bounty hunter made Vero realize he could be more than a procreating male
Lucky doesn’t like talking about himself – seedy past, but wants name for self
Yunn – escaped a hard life
Self (Driona) – Sister missing, father missing.

Kwenn Space Station
Orbits the uninhabitable planet of Kwenn. Border of mid-rim and Hutt Space
Kwenn Central – disk with docking bays around the perimeter, housing and stores crammed into every space in the center. Mirrersteel Heights – luxury towers for the super rich.
Dock at bay G33 – easy peasy
Shell Veen [Sullisan (clearly a mechanic – dress and grime)]
Definitely Trusk’s ship
Glad to see that we’re here with the shipment
Palpable excitement re: Omat.
Apparently the seal on the escape pod “been acting up again”
We go to the room with hooded, old-looking bothan.

Omat O’yo Shi
Freedom Flight organization
Vero asks about the ultimate goal: nodes, not a central group, bigger than any one of us. Work to help free the masses when hear of people held or sold against their will.
Yunn asks if Seccoria: person who infiltrated the Triad?: Don’t know for sure, but there are cells not a centralized organization, so maybe a nearby cell
Yunn asks – what’s the plan on Seccoria?: Several groups working on that issue now. Comm supplies will be important to that mission and others. A team of which Trusk was a part has been tasked with things.
Vero asks if he runs the cell: raises eyebrows. Don’t run anything. I find and recruit.
We get the sense that we’re asking the right questions, Omat says “since we each have reasons to be part of the freedom flight org.” Can’t be part of Trusk’s old mission but could help FF to repay a 4000 credit debt that Trusk accrued, suggests the Talifax Inn and Cantina on Kwenn space station
Could find a job to pay the credits.
Lucky asks about the shipment – it’s taken care of. Asks if he could be more involved. Omat pauses quite a while and says, “you’ll absolutely have an opportunity to become more deeply involved.”
Vero asks what makes him sure we’re the right people: pauses, nods “It’s wise to want to know. Close to the force – can sense about us and our intentions.
I ask – since the org is so spread out, you the only one who helps, “I’m not the only one”
I ask If there are so many groups spread out, how do you know other groups? “You will know.”
Always looking for good and trustworthy people, now is the most important time, something BIG is about to happen. This is going to be big.
Not coincidence

Talifax Inn and Cantina
Sport of choice on screens is smashball – Corellian Dreadnots (Dad was a big fan)
Crowd around one table with a “celebrity-like” guy – lots of people spread around.
Twi’lek barkeep clears off space for Yunn and Karka, order two “blue milks”
We’re here fixing our ship and looking for the “next thing”
Barkeep tells us to talk to the Toydarian at the booth
Vero is scoping the area to see what she sees. Calms a couple guys but notices a guy whose picture is on the wall who is here – the celebrity

Chef Domdees
Hired by a hutt to cook a banquet to prepare gabakee goulash
Negotiate price from 4K for 2 Gabakees to 8K
Only found on Tondaria on the north faces of trees and rocks or near caves, in the southern marshes, near Toydar. Flash frozen within seconds of harvesting.
Has a modified stasis-unit backpack to transit medical components: airlock. Can only be appropriately retrieved by a trained technician. Quite heavy – encumberance of 5, cumbersome of 3.

Malsom O’ne
Instantly recognize the very famous former smashball player, heard he’d bought a bar in hutt space
Was an enforcer on the team, in many important championship matches.
Driona leans on the bar and leans so hard she knocks over the entire bar… >_< but seems like there were a couple of promising winks?
(IRL) Well timed fortune cookie: Confidence of success is almost success

Scouting the Cantina
Lucky is lookin around and sees a bald human (Lad Corrus) – hasn’t talked to anybody this whole time.
Yunn goes up to see if he can help connect Lucky to the bald guy, connects with the barkeep again, talks to the bald guy and offers him a drink. Two moonshines! (TRUIMPH)
Guy opens up pretty quickly, sharing a lot more than expected. Clearly some shady dealings. He really likes Yunn, instant trust.
Mentions Zann consortium, catches himself and changes subject.

Toydaria is habitable, were slaves to hutts at one time. Some are still slaves, but mostly negotiators and businessmen now.
Southern marshes less hospitable, might want breathers. It’ll be slow-going.
Hard slogging through the marsh – grabworms
Grabworms are pretty common, attack one person at a time, latch on with tentacles.
Into swamp find and attack 3 grabworms and they die.
Gabakee hunting
.5 kg by Lucky
.25 kg by Vero
.25 kg net by Yunn, (lost .25 kg of .5)
.25 kg found by Driona
Imperial Swamp Troopers approach – stationed at a nearby station looking for saboteurs – looking for a patrol that recently went missing. Ask for location of gabakee mushrooms – they help us find the mushrooms. Find .5 kg just looking!
Find a cave that’s partially chipped away (seems like the motherload). Vero looks in and sees a body on the ground.

Almost immediately the Shaoryn targeted Yunn with mind control, and made him think that everyone was against him. Luckily for the rest of the team, he quickly had his blaster knocked away. After many rounds of combat, they tried the same mind control with Vero, but his discipline helped him to resist. After a few more rounds, some triumphs, and some despairs, the group persevered and found another 1 kg gabakee!
Got 4 frag grenades.
Go back to ship

Back at Kwenn
Nerd out with Shell about backpack
Talk the dude into 10K for our find
Karka sees a person sneak out the back when looking for somebody of import, but they move SO FAST they’re long gone before he can get more info. Barkeep doesn’t know who it is.
We find a symbol on the napkin under his drink and the writing: S. Halcyon
Don’t know the symbol, but the name is ringing a bell.




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