Edge of Change

Acquiring Deliverance

Inaugural Session

We start out at the shipping yard, having been hired by Trusk, the Trandoshan freedom fighter, to find a crate he needs for his work and deliver it to a drop site. We find the crate and decide to try to relabel the box. The label blows away, Bart the foreman chastises me for dawdling and tells me to work overtime, but the label blows back and I apply it.

Yunn talks to a driver, Ma, who has a propensity for not wanting to work, and convinced him to let us take over – charms the SHIT out of him. Critical charm! Ma left a gift in glovebox.

We end up driving a Trast AA5 Heavy Speeder Truck: Silhouette 3; Speed 1; Handling -2; Hull Trauma 10; Strain 8 and make our way relatively uneventfully to the rendezvous point, a clearing in jungle. Something feels off. We notice a haze, the aftermath of blaster fire – dead body up ahead toward the clearing. Vero goes to see what’s up, sees no motion, the outline of a ship, not much else. Karka goes to body. Sees Trusk the Trandoshan, dead with two blaster shots to the chest. Sees no living soul in the nearby jungle.

We all drive over to the ship. Typically would have two additional cargo pods on the underbelly but they’re missing. Karka and I board – the ship has been modded so when Driona gets to the cockpit it’s tough to do a full system check, Karka goes up at Laser Cannon. Vero perceives the sound of speeders in the distance, but decides with Yunn to try to get the cargo onto the ship.

Yunn and Vero unload cargo, Vero pulls the truck a bit into trees beside ship to get out of sight, long-range. Tries running for the ship, had to run back and close the door and take the keys, and can see the headlights approaching, runs onto the ship.

Looking around the cockpit, Driona sees that there’s a mod-schematics that makes it easier to see what’s going on with the mods (they’re pretty clever!). The ship will be slow to start up, so 1 setback die for first few pilot rolls.

See lights in the distance, armored vehicles approach, Yunn tries talking to them, we disarm their weapons, but he fails to talk them out of cooperating. They laugh at us, but leak that starting “Plan H” means they’ve got somebody coming in from above.

I get the ship started and we’re taking off while the conversation is happening. We fly out of planetary atmosphere and away from the two ships that are approaching from the port side. Vero tries charting a course for Corillia, but it’s not recognized by the navicomputer, but notices there’s something that’s already programmed in, she takes note. Karka tells the ships we’re just a simple cargo ship, and asks what’s going on. They tell us they were told to proceed with Plan H, and Karka responds, saying all’s clear, return to plan B. We see that it’s a Saccorian Patrol ship, defense force for the planet. We accelerate away, and as we leave, notice that the two ships trailing us peel off, one, then the other.




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