Edge of Change

Dead Pirates Need No Jewels
Some new characters, same old shenanigans


Yunn decides to head home to do some much needed personal discovery and family reconciliation. Also, Vero needs some time away from the crazy of this particular group of adventurers, and decides to take off and search out some bounties on his own.

Thankfully, Kwenn Space Station and Freedom Flight have no shortage of characters ready to contribute their unique talents to the cause and this particular crew. Two new folks have teamed up with Lucky, Driona, and the adventures of the Deliverance.

Sasha is a human adventurer — a disenchanted former member of the rebel alliance — ready to attack foes with startling efficient vibro-slashes to keep her team safe.

Jo is a nice, albeit secretive, Mirialan that somehow always seems to get herself out of the tightest of jams as though she were never actually there.

The crew hears, via Amat, that recently there have been attacks on trading ships in an asteroid belt in the Arah system. Rumour has it that the attacks are being made by a centuries old pirate vessel called Dougan’s Hand.

Dougan’s Hand disappeared over 300 years ago, and finding it could be worth a lot of credits to anyone smart enough, or foolish enough, to go adventuring after it. Dougan was a notorious pirate in the days of the Old Republic, and Dougan’s Hand was his battle cruiser. Just joining the search nets each person 1000 credits. Relics are worth 50 to 2000 credits each. And returning with Dougan’s Hand itself????

The attacks in the Arah system began 8 weeks ago. Survivors, few of them there are, say the ship seems to materialize out of thin air. Survivors identified pirate markings on the hull of the ship, but were otherwise unable to provide a clear description. The attacks increased in frequency 4 weeks after the initial salvo.

There are no habitable planets in the Arah system. In fact, the only anything in the area is a space station named Backroom. The Backroom space station is owned by someone named Navin Brody, who likes crude jokes and fine Corelian brandy, and rumour has it that it’s a huge smuggling port. In fact, although it’s well outside the Empire’s normal sphere of influence, it’s been placed on the Empire’s restricted list.

PR5C: A Non-Murderous Droid!
After leaving it deactivated for a very long time, amidst fears that it would try to kill us all, Driona activates the astromech droid that’s been on the ship! Its name is PR5C, but prefers to be called Percy. It used to work for Trusk and, prior to that, the Zahn Consortium.

To the Arah System
Backroom space port is exceedingly busy, struggling to keep up with the additional ships looking to refuel and go in search of Dougan’s Hand. We say that we’re on “official business” and, for some reason, that’s good enough to get us priority docking at the space port.

We discover that Freefall Cantina is where we’ll likely find Navin. Sasha recognizes the ship of an explorer named Beloche., a sleazy professor turned tomb raider constantly in search of treasure. We also notice a small news shuttle that belongs to INN — the Imperial News Network. Lucky finds the INN reporter, Renee, with a hovering camera droid in tow. INN doesn’t want her covering the story, but she’s come out all the same.

Lucky convinces her to join us to get the story, adn tells her that we’ve already been on the ship. She offers to interview Lucky and Lucky counters that she should come with us, because he knows exactly where the ship is. She finds this arrangement agreeable.

Lucky then happens to see Jostero the Pirate walking through the crowd. Jostero tells Lucky that he talked to a survivor who said the ship came out of nowhere, fired a quad-laser blast, and disappeared again. That survivor, sadly, has since died of wounds inflicted in the attack.

Driona talks to the dock workers and convinces them to let her fix up their operation to make it more efficient and less error prone, for some information on Navin. In the ensuring conversation, they accidentally reveal that Navin will be meeting with Beloche, soon.

To Freefall!
Freefall Cantina is named as such due to malfunctioning gravity generators in the bar, which gives patrons the experience of drinking, socializing, and dancing in almost a virtual freefall. We check some of our weapons, smuggle some in, and start making the rounds.

Driona goes to the bar, straightaway, and asks the person behind the bar — Navin, conveniently — if he has any Corelian Brandy. Any adventurer who likes Corelian Brandy is surely a friend of his, and that adventurer’s friends and his friends to! Driona is certain that any future conversations with Navin will be aided by their common love. After Driona and Navin wrap up their conversation, Beloche, with entourage, enters the bar, sees Navin, smirks, sits, and snaps his fingers for the servers to come to his table. Jo stealthily approaches the table and overhears that Beloche is getting a datapad of information from Navin, full of information on the attacks.

Lucky, unbeknownst to the rest of the group, makes eye contact with someone with whom he’s had previous contact and is both surprised and none-too-pleased to see him. He sneaks away from the group, puts on a disguise, and re-emerges from the bathroom to avoid this un-named former acquaintance .

Back to the rest of the crew…
Driona talks to Navin and triumphantly convinces him to allow us to copy the data on the datapad before he gives it over to Navin! We copy the data and leave. While walking away from the cantina we ask Lucky about the costume change and he simply says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Back to the ship!
We set Percy on the data in the info pad. Driona prepares a bug that will allow us to snoop on the whereabouts of Beloche as he’s in his cockpit and traveling. Jo and Sasha sneak aboard Beloche’s ship, while he’s still drinking, celebrating his information coup, to hide the listening device. Unfortunately, they don’t find a particularly great place to hide the bug; fortunately, the best place to hide the bug also happens to be where Beloche hid additional information about the attacks. His information includes attack patterns and between this additional information and previous accounts, we realize that there must be more than one ship involved in these attacks. Another survivor account described people yelling over the com channels “Yar!” and “Avast Mateys!”

Lucky has been charged with keeping an eye out for any approaching people. (The now-stoned dock workers were charged with the same, for what it’s worth.) He sees someone approaching… hoping it isn’t the mysterious former acquaintance from the bar, he’s pleased to see it’s Renee from INN. He redirects her from walking toward Beloche’s ship to ours.

Back on Deliverance…

Having left Beloche’s ship, Sasha and Jo return to Deliverance, to find Percy’s has completed his analysis of the datapad, as well as Renee from INN.

Percy is able to tell us that in the first wave of attacks, there were few-to-no survivors, ships were completely destroyed, and they occurred well inside the asteroid belt. In the second wave of attacks, ships were partially destroyed, boarded, and looted; these attacks happened randomly throughout the belt. The first wave’s sole survivor describes a ship that was an order of magnitude smaller than the description of the ship that started making attacks in the second wave. The ship in the second wave matches the description of an ancient battle cruiser. The ship from the first wave was much smaller. All accounts say all of the ships materialized out of thin air. (thin space?) Accounts of those who boarded and looted ships as a part of the second wave of attacks report seeing people wearing tricorn hats and eye patches.

And as for Renee, the crew is uncomfortable being interviewed or filmed on their quest to find Dougan’s Hand, and they arrange for Lucky and Renee to take Renee’s ship, so Lucky can get all the face time he wants without them being involved.

To the asteroid belt!
As we make our way to the asteroid belt, Driona knows that it’s possible to cloak a ship, given certain types of material, and those materials can be found in the asteroid belt.

On our way in, alarm bells go off! There’s something very wrong with our armor plating, very much to our despair.

After repairing the armor, we notice cloaked Tie Fighters flying toward us, which we dispatch.

No sooner than we think we’ll have a moment to rest, does Dougan’s Hand appear and begin to pull us in with a tractor beam. A malfunctioning pirate droid can be heard on the intercom.

After boarding the ghost ship, we’re ambushed by security droids, and a giant hydrolic Krakken monster. Lucky is terrified at the sight of Sasha single-handedly removing an entire group of enemies. All the same, he continued his interview with Renee and INN, whilst being fired upon.

We manage to best the enemies, and make our way to the bridge. We discover the 300 year old body of Dougan himself and a homicidal droid that’s been hooked into Dougan’s Hand’s computer systems. Driona determines the droid will need to be removed from the computer systems, killing it in the process, and while Sasha pulls out her Vibrosword, and Lucky eyes the expensive jewelry that still adorns Dougan the pirate, the scene fades to black and we await to see what adventures our explorers will face next.

Family Freedom
"Hi, this is Niss, and this is Liss, and you've missed us."

Landing on Carda
Deliverance and crew look out at The Illuminator, glinting in the nearby starlight. The ship, but more notably the planet behind it, seem somewhat calm for what they might have otherwise expected. The plan, as it stands, involves Yaboor and crew sneaking out of the ship once we give the all clear, to steal a shuttle, fly back to The Illuminator and take over, while we find and rescue Trusk’s three family members.

As the crew make their final preparations, Deliverance comes in for a landing. The dirt pad is flat, but bears little resemblance to a proper landing pad. In fact, the whole area seems even more desolate than one might have imagined for the mining operations they’d described. A row of plain buildings lines the path headed toward the village center. Driona gets out and walks around Deliverance, performing somewhat drawn-out system checks while the others finalize the details of the plan. As she carefully runs her fingers along the landing gear, checking for wear, she hears Lucky and Yunn jump out of the ship, and start walking over to the two nearby guards.

Lucky and Yunn walk up to the guards who had been performing what seemed to be very routine checks of the area and ask plainly for “the quickest way to deliver the equipment we’ve just arrived with.” Though initially concerned at the inexperience of the crew, one of the guards, with chest duly puffed, remarks how nice it is to have somebody who follows procedure and continues to explain where to go and to help with the delivery. Lucky and Yunn take them up on the offer – a chance to distract the guards while the other crew escape was a welcome break. The conversation continues but as the guards speak favorably of slavery and all its benefits, Yunn can’t quite control his tongue. The guards who were once quite impressed by Lucky and Yunn start to resent them for not helping with the crate, and clearly begin to make disparaging remarks about them as they return to their patrols. Yunn, in an attempt to smooth things over shouts, “My parents had slaves!” which yields only sniggers and no further note.

At this point, Lucky decides he’d like to explore the village, but when he arrives, though there are several buildings and shops, he finds first that there are no slaves in this area, but perhaps even stranger than that, there aren’t many people at all – guards or otherwise.

The Path to the Mines
Once Yaboor and his crew are safely on their way, Vero and Driona start to cautiously explore the path that leads up the mountain and toward the mines. Not far into the trip, they cross paths with a Bothan slave, disheveled, and nursing an injured arm. A quick look around the area shows it to be quite secure – not visible and not easily approachable without detection. Vero and Driona cautiously approach and she introduces herself as a mining slave, somewhat in awe of the well-dressed non-guards approaching her. After a quick greeting, Driona pulls out a stim pak and after using it the Bothan woman appears tremendously relieved. A somewhat standard, stilted conversation between Driona gets her talking and soon she opens up.

“Everything just went so wrong. I shouldn’t be here, it wasn’t meant to be like this. And then things have gotten so much stranger since the discovery a few weeks ago…” They continue to converse and find that there are no good supplies, and the ability to support the slaves even minimally is running short. There are just a few hundred slaves at this point and while they used to be scattered across a few mining sites, the discovery changed all that – all slaves who were good for anything were redirected to work on recovering the artifact. She, however, had been incapable of any good work so today she couldn’t take it anymore and just… wandered off. It turns out that they don’t need many guards because the planet is a giant wasteland – they’d never survive off-site, and they can’t fly away – all ships go through the big ship overhead, so efforts to resist just seemed to disappear after a while.

Vero digs in and asks after Niss and his family. While the woman doesn’t know them directly, she has heard Niss’s name. He seemed to have done something noteworthy that the guards didn’t agree with, but she wasn’t sure what came of him. She did know, though, that a computer in the mining camp did have data about who was stationed where, which would be a good place to start. She also confirms Driona’s suspicion that given the small number of guards, it would be hard to disguise ourselves without being discovered immediately. Instead, infiltration in the guise of being slaves seems most likely to go unnoticed. As the conversation closes, the Bothan seems to have relaxed sufficiently, and finally gives her name – Utri.

Having com-linked the others about the information, they meet us in the mountains. We leave Utri to rest and stand guard – instructing her to run for the ship should she hear gunfire. The rest of us quickly dishevel ourselves in fairly simple slave-like disguises and we make our way into camp. The computer is easy to find, and initial information quickly reveals that Niss and family are stationed here… but at the innermost depths of the mining caves. Driona then tries to explore to find more about what was discovered. There is very descriptive information about the artifact that though unnamed, seems more and more like a Holocron as she reads. However, the attempt to find out about the artifact seems to be enough to have triggered a state of heightened security for the artifact, and having found that it is no longer in the cave, but is stationed in the village, Driona also learns that is will be guarded all the more closely.

With this information gathered, the crew also looks for the long-range communications systems. After finally finding the comm equipment, Driona attempts to tweak it just enough to knock out long-range communications. That doesn’t happen, but in the effort, it seems that planet-side communications do get knocked out of order. This draws the attention of the few guards who were nearby, and given the concern about the artifact, soon no guards remain in the cave itself.

Into the Darkness
As the intrepid spelunkers venture into the depths of the mining cave, the lights get dimmer, the air gets damper and there are fewer slaves and less equipment. As they cross a sizable underground river, the crew can hear a cry for help in the distance. The walls of the cave do nobody any favors, and the echoes are hard to pinpoint but soon they find a Trandoshan woman, somewhat frantically explaining that her son, Kron, was chipping away at his mining site, and opened up a chasm of sorts. It caught him by surprise and he fell in and got stuck a few meters down. Fortunately Yunn has his rope and the crew fashions a rescue loop and a few hand-hold knots to the end of the rope. Yunn then goes over to calm the anxious Sarkh, and help keep her out of the way of the crew. They anchor the rope to a rock in the cave and Driona starts to talk with Kron, who is 10 and clearly unsure of what to do.

“Can you grab the rope and get your arms into it?” she asks.
“I can try…” he responds, a bit anxiously.

They throw down the rope, feel it move a bit and he calls back that he’s ready. They start to lift him and after a few initial cries of pain as they slowly lift him out of place, soon they seem to get stuck. There’s a small overhang and Kron is caught below it. They gently work to slide the rope over to the side, which goes well but as they try to lift again Kron calls out that the rope seems to be unraveling! Driona calls down again to see if he can wrap the rope around his hand and hold onto a knot above the damaged area. With some coaxing, Kron manages, and Vero and Lucky are able to carefully but swiftly pull him the rest of the way up, out of the crevice. Kron is clearly in pain, but the attempts to help heal him are not terribly successful. However because Sarkh is clearly so worried about her son, Lucky tells her how things are looking good, Driona fashions a pretty needless but pretty convincing splint, and they get ready to leave. As they work with Kron, Yunn also shares how they talked about Niss – who is not here in the mine with them.

Yunn had gone on a hunger strike, to protest the conditions for the slaves. This disobedience was enough to get the guards angry, so they removed him from the other slaves and have been holding him in the village.

Anything but Snakes?
The crew, along with Sarkah and Kron, get ready to leave but Vero notices movement near the bridge across the river. After discussing what she sees, they figure out that these are large backpack-sized spiders, a couple groups of them, and nothing like your normal house spider. They’re very vicious, and very deadly. Vero, hearing this, takes a glow rod, and quickly turns it on and throws it at the wall next to the spiders. Whether it was the lights, the noise, or both, one group of spiders nearest the now-dark glow rod scuttled backwards, and off the edge of the ravine into the river and were carried out of sight. Vero follows this up with two stun grenades, but both of them miss their mark. The first tumbles into the river, exploding there without damaging the spiders… but also without their notice. However the second one overshoots and explodes in the distance, which is followed by the deep rumbling growl of a beast in the distant darkness.

Yunn rushes up with two additional stun grenades and throws it at the same time as Vero. One of the grenades knocks out one of the remaining spiders and clearly disorients the others. Lucky then walks up to the spiders, and with a powerful voice, unleashes a tirade so ferocious at the final spider that the animal curls up, and twitches just enough that it too tumbles into the river below.

The noise, however, only further attracts the beast, approaching the pile of rocks that Lucky and Yunn had crafted on the far side of the bridge, to preemptively protect the crew from the quick approach of any enemies. As the beast slowly stumbles up to and across the rocks, the group recognizes the signs and realizes that it is a gundark, headed their way and unlikely to leave them alive. The realization is moments too late, for the gundark finally tops the pile of rocks and bounds across the bridge towards Vero, who’d taken a shot at the beast. The gundark spreads its four arms wide and swings brutally towards Vero, However, Vero was ready. Having grown up in dark caves, Vero had exceptional dark vision, and had honed his balance and reflexes – a necessity when stumbling over obscured objects is part of one’s daily life. Vero manages to narrowly avoid all of the attempted blows of the Gundark, long enough for the rest of the team to fire shot after shot at the vicious animal until it collapses at Vero’s feet. Without wasting more time than needed to loot the body and find… nothing, as it was a wild animal, the crew and family make their way out of the cave, and back to the ship.

As Sarkh and Vero clamber into Trusk’s good old ship, Utri peers out from behind one of the support legs of the ship, and asks if she too can come on board. When all the new folks are safely on the ship with food and a place to rest, Driona turns to the rest of the crew.

“I’m not sure of what I found, but when looking into the discovery… I think… well. I believe it is a Holocron.” Everybody stares back, blankly. Vero asks what that is, and Driona goes on to explain that it’s some sort of energy or knowledge source for the Jedi or the Sith… she isn’t sure which, but she’d heard her parents mention it as they’d traveled around in attempts to find her sister throughout the preceeding years. Slowly the rest of the crew starts to recall various stories of the Sith and the systemic annihilation of the Jedi… and though everybody is unsure what this artifact might entail, they agree to seek it in the village while they look for Niss.

Halcyon and Holocron
Still in the guise of slaves, the crew makes their way into the villiage, now seemingly abandoned. They carefully explore the shops together, unable to communicate more than the distance of their own voices. They find an empty cradle not for a child but for a valuable object – the artifact had clearly been there… and removed. Then, as they walk further they stop, startled at the sound of a woman, angrily yelling.

“Fine. Just leave me here then. That’s it. I’m done.”

Lucky quickly removes his disguise and makes his way in, Vero right behind him. Lucky enters and starts crafting his story.

“I’m so sorry, but I am at a loss – it seems everybody has gone and I don’t know where I am supposed to be to get off this awful planet. Can you help me?” The woman looks at him, and says she is surprised that he doesn’t know her, and she does not know him. However, she seems more-or-less convinced and introduces herself. Commander Sarah Halcyon, and help him? “I’ll help you, perhaps, if you can help me.”

As they continue their conversation, Sarah reveals that she didn’t like how things came together and didn’t want to be part of this operation at all. After pushing a bit more, Lucky gets her to open up a bit. She has no Zann loyalty, but was brought here to repay a fabricated debt of Tyber Zann. She was put in charge simply because she’d run a similar slave operation on Ryloth. What she is asking for is a ride to her own ship, stashed of in the mountains – her insurance against just this sort of a situation. Ultimately she offers us an artifact found on the planet as payment for the trouble.

Lucky looks at her and making it clear that he might be able to help, asks for more information about Niss. This is conceded in exchange for a mechanic giving her ship a once-over and a tune up before she departs.

The Exchange
We board and fly out to the location Sarah gave for her ship and find it easily. A beautiful Z95 Head Hunter ship – one of the older ones, but in good shape overall. Driona gives it a once-over and finds that it is generally ready, but tries to buy some time for the crew to look for Niss. She explains that this thing here shows this sort of damage and without attention could cause real issues later. Sarah doesn’t really buy it, but also doesn’t want to risk it, so Driona gets to work. She grabs some supplies off the ship and then with more seriousness than she’s shown before, turns to Yunn. “Take the ship to go find Niss. And don’t get her into any trouble, okay?” Yunn and Vero head off to the ship, while Lucky stays behind to chat with Sarah, who is now somewhat more convinced of the ships disrepair, since clearly Driona doesn’t often trust her ship to the others on the crew. Driona crafts a makeshift workbench from scrap branches and a bit of scrap metal from the ship, and Deliverance makes a somewhat bumpy ascent and wobbles out into the distance towards the village.

A New Side of Yunn
Vero ends up flying the ship so Yunn can navigate. As they approach the holding cell, Yunn sees a guard who he is shocked to recognize. The guard has dirt on him, and Yunn knows that if seen, the information will get out – a fact he is not at all keen on. He redirects Vero to come with him and look for a back entrance… but there isn’t one. As they start to walk back to the front they hear, “Psssst!” from above. They look up and a Trandoshan is waving at them from the roof. “Are you Niss?” they ask, and inform him they’re there to rescue him. Yunn grabs some crates from nearby and stacks them against the building. Niss lowers himself down but as he falls, his feet crack a board and he gets stuck in the crate. Vero clambers up to try to loosen him, without breaking his legs, and after a few clumsy pulls is able to get him lose. As they start to climb down from the crates they freeze – the guard has turned the corner and is coming for them when BAM! Yunn’s shot from his blaster was sudden and deadly – the guard collapsed to the ground before Yunn had time to lower his blaster. Somewhat stunned, Vero looks from the guard, to Yunn, and is only shaken from the confusion when Niss grabs him as he stumbles away from the crates.

Together, Yunn, Niss and Vero make their way back to the ship. Driona is finishing her work on the beautiful old ship and Lucky turns to Sarah to get the artifact, before letting Sarah board her ship. As she hands it over, she says, “I hope it’s worth it.”

With Sarah’s ominous departing words, everybody finds their spot on the ship for the voyage home. A quick communication with Yaboor reveals that their mission was wildly successful – they caught the meager staff of The Illuminator off guard, and took over without much incident. On ship, Vero, with cup-o-noodles in hand, runs through the very unnerving events of the day… Yunn – so unusually swift and deadly for his usually easy-going nature. Driona gladly slips into her captain’s chair and sets the now-familiar course back to the space station. The Trandoshan family embrace each other, and settle into the familiarity of Trusk’s quarters, to rest peacefully for the first time in ages and Lucky tucks the artifact away safely, wondering just how many credits they can gather for this fortuitous find. For the briefest moment, they all breath deeply, enjoying this moment of calm, which they all know is only between the storms of life on the outer rim.


No Obligation was triggered in this session. XP was awarded for the session.

Just a Small Distraction

Yaboor shares his story
Yaboor and Trusk were trying to find Trusk’s family and had tracked them to the planet Carda, which has a large scale excavation operation with 1000s of slaves (includig Trusk’s family).

Trusk was working on getting what he needed to modify his ship while Yaboor was finding information about the operation on Carda and quietly building a team to infiltrate.

What Yaboor found was that the Zann Consortium behind the excavation on Carda. They have been getting slaves through Tirello the Hutt, who has secretly been engaging in slave trade behind the back of Popara the Hutt and the rest of the Anjiliac kajidic.

Driona asked what kind of ship mods Trusk was working on. Mainly it was the creation of two life support pods that would attach to his ship, which would be made to look like they were for basic cargo transport.

Vero asked about the ship and specifically about the special encrypted communication computer. Lots of comm there, yes. Yaboor’s shared his key so they can securely communicate with him.

Yaboor was thankful for his rescue, as he was destined to be taken to the slave colony as part of his capture. He asked us to help him with the mission to help Freedom Flight and pay homage to Trusk by freeing his family. Of course we agreed.

Going to meet folks at Kwenn Station
Our Goal: find a Zann Consortium contact, figure out what we’d need to know to deliver a shipment to the planet Carda as a cover to get through the Zann planetary security. We agreed that we could find some information at Kwenn space station.

Go to the Cantina!
There’s a game on – lots of activity at the Tallifax Inn. Vero and Lucky go to the promising table to try to get some info. Smooth conversation! Show the napkin and it is the Zann Consortium logo! Not only that, but the Zann Consortium has lots of activity to/from Kwenn.

They also learned about one member of the Zann Consortium in particular: Hulo. He’s a smooth talker, knows more about their operation than he probably should. In fact he’s a relative nobody, but super plugged in because of personality—and he has a room at a hotel on the station.

Go to Hulo’s!
We put together a plan to show up at Hulo’s door with a delivery of pizza and beer. So we ALL walk in and bring pizza and beer! Well, we kind of railroad our way in and say, “You’re the guy to know, your friends sent us with this food!”

He’s a bit cocky – sells himself as fairly important, big deal, and it’s definitely true that he’s a really smooth talker and that we aren’t really going to be able to smile our way through this guy.

After a bit of conversation he gets suspicious, stands up and demands we leave. Vero, hand on blaster, steps into his space and says “We’ve got business and we need more info than that.” The coerscion worked as Hulo starts to panic – really hit a nerve. He spills lots of information:
We learned that various ships make surface deliveries and it’s not uncommon. Excavation equipment and slaves are the most common deliveries, but food is also brought in.

The excavation site is near south pole – which is good! Most planet is too hot to be habitable. Ground control typically not used, a large corvette class ship is in a tight orbit near the south pole of Carda.

The ship is called The Illuminator and is the main gatekeeper. The Zann Consortium leadership is posted there. ANYBODY who wants to get to the south pole needs to get cleared through that ship.

Hulo has shipping codes for equipment that will be delivered, which could potentially be used to get by. He also makes comments about some recent damage the Illuminator had taken from some asteroid debris that clipped them (but stayed clear of the planet). They intend to do planet-side repair soon, since if the ship is planet-side, NO SHIPS are allowed in, even with a clearance code. Will be shot at with full power. Best to move quickly to avoid this.

Unfortunately, Hulo doesn’t know if there is any special protocol for leaving the planet. He does know, however, that there is lots of ground-based defense, but few if any other ships stationed near the planet.

The situation on the planet is a bit odd, because Zann consortium doesn’t typically manage slave labor. They usually trade them but they’ve been diverting slaves for this particular excavation project. They seem to be relying on the inhospility of the rest of the planet to keep slaves in camp and working.

Hulo was curious about what the excavation is all about but couldn’t get it: apparently this is a closely guarded secret within the Zann Consortium. He does know that they’ve had to bring more and more slaves as they’ve mined more

Tells us the mining site that the Trusk brother is at: Norther

The commander of The Illuminator is Commander S Halcyon (the same one on the napkin)

How do we find people in Zann when we need to in order to iron out the details?
HQ but most stuff doesn’t happen there
Gotta work the network. Pretty massive but behind the scenes.

Lucky Inspiringly rehtorizes him and he’s feeling much less strained. Vero and Lucky leave, then Yunn tries to smooth things over but the guy is snarky so Driona smacks him in the back of the head with a beer bottle, knocking him out.

They Disguise him and carry him out like a bounty, though we’re careful to check ahead for anyone who might ask questions if they ran into us with this bounty following us to our ship “Weekend at Banterpf’s” style.

What’s Next
We talk with Yaboor and he says he’ll manage the Hulo situation for us. With that handled, we share the rest of the intel we gathered. Yaboor has assembled a crew to do drops at two locations near the excavation site, to converge and secure the site. We’ll be free to go in and rescue Trusk’s brother (Niss) and his children. At this point we gather supplies and head out the LONG route to get to Carda. We are doing well and build camaraderie along the way.

During our final supply stop on the long trek to Carda, our “cargo” gets out for a little R&R, heading out from the docking bay and checking out different shops and diversions at the supply station.

We relax a bit, too, but when we walk out of the local cantina we see a stressed Devaroinan trader trying to talk his way out of something with some Imperial guards.

Vero sneaks closer to hear what’s going on. They demand to inspect the Devaroinan’s ship to ensure he doesn’t have any undeclared cargo.

Our crew is scattered all over the place and we would have a hard time justifying our passengers, their weapons, and gear…and it looks like our ship is next.

We comm out to the crew to come back in some small groups.

While some of the Imperials search the Devaronian’s ship, others wait outside with him so he can’t influence the search. Lucky strolls up and chats with trader who is not happy about the situation. He babbles on about his legitimate operation and how this is ridiculous.

Lucky decides to take a different approach, wandering off to create a distraction for the Imperials. He throws a stun grenade and it goes off, but unfortunately it does so near a previously-unseen tank of fuel, so instead of a quiet little explosion, there’s a MASSIVE explosion that pierces a hole in the side of the space station.

Pandemonium ensues and everyone runs toward their ships in giant traffic jam of bodies.

Yaboor, heading back to the ship, gets pushed off the edge of the platform, but catches himself on a small outcropping about 2m below the platform, saving him from a long fall to certain death.

Vero and Yunn go to rescue looking for a way to reach Yaboor and end up dangling a tapestry over the edge but they struggle to get the tapestry close enough.

Lucky, who has been running for what seemed like days, finally arrives with rope and he struggles with Vero and Yunn to hold the rope while Yaboor climbs back up

We get everybody on the ship and take off amongst all of the chaos, back on our way toward Carda. It is only a matter of time.


No Obligation was triggered in this session. XP was awarded for the session.

Providential Piloting
An unconventional path to finding wookies

Goals: Trying to get a contact to find the wookiee, Yuboorr who bought his freedom from Tirello the hutt. Both Poparra the Hutt and the bounty are on Smuggler’s Moon…

Check in with Shell
Shell is finding more parts to build the cargo pods, but there is difficulty finding the life support system – the one in the ship cannot support the extra load

At Smuggler’s Moon
VERY busy – shaaaady dealings
Popara greets us with a hearty laugh – he was expecting us via Gustip

Lucky’s Approach
We’re with a small non-profit working to free slaves
Do you know anything about a certain wookiee, Yuboorr
Popara’s eyes open wide – “I DO have some information!”
He’s pleased we brought up slavery issue: he is frustrated by it and wants the business focused plan for the clan but suspects Tirello is trying to keep slave trade high, under the radar.

Lead on Yuboorr: Rumor of wreckage on corvette ship being used as a prisoner ship.
Ship had been destroyed in asteroid field, but there’s a particular bit of wreckage in the area where transfer station is. We’ll want a skilled pilot because of the asteroid field.

Lucky thanks him for the info and asks if there any games to play, hoping to find some shady contacts, but it seems like it might be tough to find a good in.

Yunn interrupts: any angle we can take to infiltrate the transfer station? WE get an answer but Driona didn’t write it down.

Vero uncomfortably asks if it’s common for people to buy their freedom from Tirello. Poparra says that Tirello’s one weakness when it comes to slaves/slavery is getting paid.
How much do slaves go for? Varies few hundred to tens of thousands

Finding the Bounty
Vero, Yunn, Lucky
Corellian Sector
Track a lead, head toward undercity into a cave – very poor, hard-times
Vero sneaks up using his Selonian low light vision, walks in until close and when he startles and notices he’s not alone. Vero, says “I’m going to need you to come with me”
Guy hangs head, knows he’s been caught.
Vero binds him. Walks out
Turns him in, gets 1000 credits! Go Vero!

Finding the Life Support
Driona wanders around Smuggler’s Moon, and doesn’t find the life support equipment, but finds a mechanic who tells me how to to pull parts from a specific type of ship, the procedure and protocol for disconnecting and reconfiguring to boost the life support. SUPER COOL.
Power Source (special), Control Unit – both necessary.

Going to the Corvette Shipwreck Transfer Station
Getting into the cockpit of Deliverance – Driona gets message from Mareaid who made a big “heat of the moment” mistake. Mom entered her into a swoop race as the means of getting out of trouble but doesn’t have much detail other than there’s one guy who can’t win – and it wasn’t going to be a problem because mom knows Driona’s such a good pilot…

Race is through crystal swamps – swoop gangs have hotshot pilots enter these races, so often not “clean." Driona talks crew into going to Corellia – it’ll help practice piloting skills and we can talk to Jos Tero about flying through asteroid fields.

Racing for Mom
Lucky and Yunn try to buy out the best gang for 2K credits, we’d get the 1500 credits
Driona gets the bikes for self, Vero and Yunn. Lucky is “not in the race” and bets 500 credits on Driona
1 – Straightaway – Driona lead
2 – Marsh area with finger bones – Driona swings wide, NPC takes lead
3 – Crystal Glass – Yunn takes shot at glass and damages NPC’s bike, Driona re-takes lead
4 – The Pinch – Driona makes it there first and sweeps through
5 – Final straightaway – Driona SPEEDS through the finish, skids to a stop and then shakes down hair from helmet, the glow of victory surrounds her

Going to the Corvette Shipwreck Transfer Station (really, this time)
Navigating to the transfer station through asteroids and chunks of ship debris from a corvette was difficult. Teamwork helped us successfully avoid the asteroids!
Lucky goes in, intending to talk to the prison guards under the guise of finding out about jobs but nobody is there
Instead, he sees a “big blue thing”, but has no idea what to do
Sees there are two locked doors, realizes there is an alarm on one, and disarms it. He then opens to reveal a room with two battle droids that are off, but don’t know if they’re disabled. He commlinks us to bring us in.
Driona disables the droids (plans on harvesting from them as needed)
Driona looks at the blue glowing thing – IT IS THE LIFE SUPPORT UNIT I AM LOOKING FOR. This is the sustaining unit, not the control unit but it’s a start.
Locked doors exploration
Door C – empty, for all intents and purposes
Door B – Yuboorr comes running out, weilding two broken off chunks of his bed!
Lucky uses his social skills to calm the wookiee down
I look at the control room and find a log/communication system alongside the life support control unit
Prison logs are present: see lots of dates and logs, intermittent for sure
Com logs – most are uninteresting, something seems to be deleted
Vero wants to check the building for any other prisoners – finds an access card with a logo that matches the logo we saw on the napkin!
Get the control center free and the life support unit free, get Yuboorr onto the ship, get everything out and we’re on the way
Yuboorr looks around and realizes that he knows this ship. He turns to us and says he is excited for the chance to catch up with Trusk…


Driona’s Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.

The Corellian Shuffle

(Rough Notes, entered w/o editing after the session, from Driona’s Perspective)
(Edited 2015-05-22 by Yunn)

The Corellian Shuffle
Details of our four deliveries given as we prep for the trip. Speed is of the essence.

Phase 1 – Moldy Mynock
The Moldy Mynock is just a micro hyper-space jump away; we should arrive relatively quickly.
Duros (Prisoner) — tunic, boots, trousers: Duros calls out, asks for help. Lucky chats him up. Duros says that he’s an innocent journalist who’s being given over to people who do bad things to murder witnesses. Lucky hates journalists… leaves, and moves on to the next new person on the ship, Verd.

Verd, the ex-patriot: really smart, dingy tunic, has a quiet dignity about him.
Lucky walks to Verd, immediately turns around, and returns to Duros the prisoner and peppers him with questions — Who are you? Why are you here? — finally punctuated with a kick.

Duros says he’s running from a crime syndicate. (Duros has?) info about somebody who was assassinated, and the syndicate is trying to make him go away. He’s sure he’ll never see the light of day, again, if he’s turned over.

The group discusses and, while concerned for someone who is potentially being unfairly detained, decides to take no action.

Verd (Ex-Pat): about 60, has a quiet dignity to him, green tunic.
Lucky comes back in, mouthin’ off about the prisoner, and asks Verd why he’s with us. Verd has a sick mother on Corellia. He was politically exiled from Corellia, and is being smuggled back onto the planet with help from our crew.

Verd doesn’t seem to know about Duros.

Meeting up with the Moldy Mynock
Docking up with the Moldy Mynock is difficult, due to the Mynock’s proximity to a gravity well. The commlink officer calls Driona a lackey, who, in turn, flips him off under the console.

Once docked, the crew from the Moldy Mynock comes aboard the ship and release Duros from his binders. Duros was a plant/decoy prisoner, used to test our crew trustworthiness in completing the next 3 legs of our missions. We passed the test for delivering the “prisoner” and earned our first sticker, which sported a picture of a mynock, and was placed on the chest given to us by Gustip. (Which came with implicit instructions to not open.)
1 sticker earned.

Phase 2 – Ava Bush and the Nek Princess
The next drop off is 10 crates of avabush spice, which we’re delivering to a ship that will be stationed near Selonia. The crew charts a mightily speedy course to our destination (huzzah!) and we drop out of hyperspace in perfect harmony with the Nek Princess.

Once docked, it’s apparent that the Nek’s crew expects us to move all 10 crates of cargo by ourselves, which could take a while. Luckily, this crew still has the lift that was acquired at the same time as the ship. Vero grabs the lift and moves the cargo with wonderful expediency. Yunn helps out. Driona watches the ship.

Once done, the captain of the Nek Princess brings over the second sticker, which displays an image of spelunking expedition and places it on the chest.

Phase 3 – Glitterstim and The Empty Boot
A bit paranoid about walking into a setup or ambush, we look for, and find, a hiding spot on the ship for the chest with our stickers, where it slides in perfectly.

The third stop on our personal Family Reunion, is near the planet Dra’al, where we’ll be dropping off Gliterstim. Our navigation isn’t the most direct route and we get there a bit slower than we could have. We arrive to find The Empty Boot: a big bulk freighter. We dock and unload easily; this is an efficient operation and the Empty Boot’s crew takes care of the transfer. The Cargo Master brings the sticker to us, which features a picture/advertisement of the Dra’al library. We take the sticker and apply it to the chest ourselves.

Phase 4 – A funny thing happened on the way to the Legacy Horizon: Asteroids, Pirates, and Pastries
Our last drop is near Corellia. Driona chats with Verd: she knows where he’s from and it sounds like he got screwed over. Verd gets a bit fired up about the reasons he was “expastriated”. Turns out, there was a zoning issue regarding building the largest pastry shop on Corellia. Verd, in fighting to get the shop built, called in a lot of favors and, in the end, sort of sold out some of those connections; the shop was successfully built, though, and survives to this day.

The ship we’re connecting up with knows details of his drop so Driona can’t really help smuggle him in, but he gives her a coupon to hook us up with AWESOME pastries.

An encounter with Space Pirates
En route, an asteroid forces us out of hyperspace and we avoid it but realize this is a tactic of Space Pirates and sure enough, there are three ships.

They say “turn off your engines and prepare to be boarded”

Lucky says, “not comfortable with this whole thing, so what do you want? What can we do for you?” Lucky keys in on the leader of the group: Captain Jos Tero

Captain Tero has a reputation for disabling and scrapping ships, and leaving the crew floating in space.

Lucky establishes a rapport with Cap’n and convinces him that we’ve got nothing for him and will help him out. The Cap’n diverts his people and says we should catch up on Corellia – at the Small King’s Cantina (SKC). As it happens, Verd knows the SKC – cousin of the guy who owns the Pastry Shop.

Pirates out of the way, we resume our trek to Corellia and contact the Legacy Horizon to transfer Verd.

Myri (Drall): Sees we completed the errand and is pleased. With Gustiv/tip retiring and contracting the job out, she was worried that it wouldn’t happen.

Myri is so pleased, that she says the organization she represents could use us… the work is dangerous, but it pays well.

Myri gives us the final sticker, which commemorates “treasure ship row”, and tells us to pass along to Gustip that she’s sad to see him go.

After much discussion, the team is not landing on Corellia to get pastries. (Driona gets half the pastries when we come back.) The team heads to THE Cantina for Gus Gus.

Quid Pro Quo
The team meets Gus Gus at the Cantina. Lucky says “let’s get the info, okay?”… he’d like the contact info before handing over the chest.

The exchange of info and chest will be without issue

Gustip gives insight on who Myri is:
Myri is majordomo for for Terello the Hutt, one of the Hutt’s vying to lead the Anjeliak Clan. The Wookie we’re trying to find just escaped from him.

There are others vying to lead the clan and one of the other major players is Popara the Hutt, who happens to be our hard-earned contact in HuttSpace.

During the conversation, Lucky passes on Myri’s sadness at his retirement, and Gustip seems somewhat surprised. Vero asks about his confusion at the Myri comment. He reiterates that he is going off to explore wild space and not running any more tricks.

Never calm at the Cantina
Vero leaves to find bounty – finds a target deeper in Hutt space, located on Smuggler’s Moon, (Nar Shadaa) which orbits the Hutt homeworld. (Also, the target was located on some particular sector of the moon, which had a name that sounded like a planet or place we’ve already visited.)

Driona helps out behind the bar, comes out and there is Mallsam checking out the bar. She successfully continues standing, without dropping the glasses. Driona chats with Mallsam successfully, apologizes for knocking over the table, says she just wanted to say hey because of her dad, and, with some comlink encouragement from Yunn, awkwardly asks Mallsam to go get dinner.

At dinner, they talk about a game she saw of his where they lost, but it was the last thing that she and her dad did together before things with the family got really tough. She was about 8 and loved the mechanics of the game, etc…

Back to Corellia
We head back to Corellia to get the pastries and meet up with Jos the pirate to see what info we can glean.

Jos doesn’t have any jobs that are well suited for our team, but he does have some good information on our Hutt situation. Terello and Popara have different philosophies on running the clan. Popara is a business Hutt, first. He wants to focus on legitimate business, which would be a change for the clan. Terello like things the way they already are: flush with spice and slaves. Popara has been trying to get the clan out of the slave trade, and Terello has been countering by trying to stay in but keep it under the table.

The dispute between the two Hutts has been heating up and Gus Gus was playing both sides… he’s decided now’s the time to escape to the relative safety of wild space, lest he incur the wrath of two Hutts.

During this time Driona heads to check in with her mother.

At some point, Yunn and Driona head to the hospital that has Verd’s mom. The hospital staff tells us that the mother has had almost no visitors, which is quite sad. Only one man who came to visit, but refused to go through any of the forma sign-in or check-in procedures. It’s possible that we left some sort of hard-to-trace contact information next to the woman’s bed.


No Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.

For the Love of the Cantina
You never know what you're gonna get

Message from Omat
Glad for clearing Trusk’s name.
Freedom Flight communications: specialized comm system in Deliverance.
Encrypted messages connect groups
Earn trust with peers to communicate
NOTE: must manually delete sensitive information
ENCRYPTION KEY: Omat < – > Trusk’s Ship. FF comm only
Message from Omat waiting

Space station is bustling, empire ships are being repaired.

Talking Shop with Shell
Priorities: powerful but agile, defense, then smuggling stowage for
Connection for reinforced plating for work on a star destroyer
Can get it pretty discreetly and relatively traceless
A week to get the parts, can store for a little bit

Droid Diagnostics
Check doesn’t reveal much since the droid isn’t assembled, but does find that I could wipe it’s memory right now, if I wanted to.
Decide to assemble it (2 failure, 1 triumph)
Putting together
Pre-release model, assembled with care by hand w/high quality parts
Not intended to be a simple astro-mech droid.
Purpose: quite cunning indeed
**Clear these pieces were found in different places
Increased cost to complete repairs: 600 credits

Shopping spreeeeee!
Much debating and deliberating occurs. Driona still just wants 4 emergency repair packs. Vero wants binders and stun grenades (and maybe some stimpacks). 796 credits later they walked off with a lot of stuff…including a tent that will maybe be used.

Finding Storm Troopers
Lucky finds them. He gets knocked down. But he gets up again. And meets an officer in the Imperial Navy, Kuna Tillo, who is pleased that despite falling, Lucky did not spill his drink. All this is off the com-link so the others are unaware.

Omat’s Message
Realize there are dozens of messages that have come in. Don’t have keys for others
Rumor about wookie “Yuboorr” bought freedom from “Tirello the Hutt” but Y’s missing
We don’t know specifically who these folks are, but we do know he’s part of the Anjiliac kajidic of the hutts, a larger clan but not nearly the influence as Jabba the Hutt’s clan: Desilijic.

Back at the Cantina
Barkeeper: Ra’fenna
No game, handful of patrons. The group splits and has some parallel conversations.
Driona, Shell and Vero take a booth and a drink, but quickly conversation devolves into shop-talk between Driona and Shell as she shares things she saw back in the day with her dad and Shell helps imagine what they could have been, and shares some tales of his own. This bores Vero immensely so he walks over to the conversation that’s unfolded with the others…
Lucky looks around – one interesting character at a table who seems to be at the boundary of the edge and stuff. (Gustip)
Yunn perceieves: Aqualish. Not as social, but senses some good ins. No clear vibe: not lookin for anything but not closed off.
Never been to QSS before, passing through with folks who are going into Wild Space. He’s excited for his first trip out there.
Vero asks about cruise ships. Reveals that he did indeed grow up in a cave.
Lucky “wants to come with” but the guy is uneasy talking about the group
Yunn asks about his war stories. Kessel-area asteroid belts. Lucky knows the area, particularly the prison.
Yunn asks about the hutts. Sees him flinch. Lucky asks about contacts in Hutt space – yes, but for a favor. Needs a “special shipment moved around.”
Lucky tries to negotiate for info: 1 failure (despair), 5 advantage
Nope. But we find out that our route is Family Reunion (known smuggling route) a.k.a. the Corellian Shuffle. Cargo will be delivered to four different destinations. Must have three previous seals. If we lose the cargo or tamper with it we forfeit.
Drop 1: Prisoner
Drop 2: 10 crates of ava bush spice
Drop 3: 5 crates glitter stem spice
Drop 4: Ex-pat
Locations: Near Selonia. Not going to planets, going to ships.
Ra’Fenna doesn’t recognize the guy. But was glad to see us.
Yunn asks about owner: charming, others love him, always a crowd. He doesn’t want to be the center of a mob of people. Wants a more personal connection.
Driona is three drinks in and stumbles into the bathroom and during that,there’s a scream…

Yunn: “Woah woah woah!” Yunn communicates with RF via lekku. RF Doesn’t know the guy, not first time at gunpoint, can hold her own.
He pauses and slightly lowers the gun, but hand’s still on the trigger. Kinda drunk, maybe a loose cannon. Group by the bar have all drawn their weapons.

Recollections, not in chronological order
Lucky runs in, karate kicks a guy and then runs out
Shell knocks over tables to an sizeable barrier, then communicates with Driona to coax her out of the bathroom.
Driona comes drunkenly out of the bathroom and tries to shoot at the sprinklers, misses, but manages to knock a pile of secret service minions prone.
Vero tail-tackles the lady (later revealed to be the Senator’s gf/wife), and just kinda hits her shins.
After Lucky came in and dramatically jumped through the air and shot the last minion in the face, he slides the Senator a drink. The senator then drinks the shot, then tries to drink his gun, and doesn’t shoot anybody.
Driona runs down the bar and bear-hugs the Senator successfully hugs him after he drops his gun. This angers his gf/wife. After he wrangles free I try to stun him but miss, but that lets the bartender know she can jump up and pin him down at which point Lucky jumps on his chest and fails at negotiating with the very drunk Senator who instead stands up and passes out.
At some point the lady runs out of the Cantina. The group implores Yunn to run after her. Yunn tries to track her through the crowd, thinks he’s caught up with her, only to see he’s mistaken and has been following the wrong person.
The guy is a Senator. The people around him were his secret service and protection. We know what he looked like and we will find him.


No Obligation triggered in this session. XP was awarded for wiki updates as well as for the session.

Confidence of Success is Almost Success
Repaying Trusk's Debt

Draft of Writeup – from Driona’s perspective
As Deliverance and her crew speed away from the planet, they spend time getting to know the ship, and a bit about each other.

In the Cargo hold Karka finds a heavy repeating blaster (which can be mounted on a stand), strewn pieces of an older droid that’s clearly been tinkered with, lots of junk
Storage closet: Karka finds
2 stim packs
Functional blaster pistol
Gallery: Vero explores
Painting of a galaxy
Crew Quarters:
Looks like not much of a crew, beds are joined together, maybe a family was there.
Captain’s Quarters:
Walls lined with notes of thanks (many people, many dialects)
Escape Pods:
Near CQ – perfectly functional
Near Lounge – broken seal that hasn’t given way
Driona inspects (2 success (1 triumph)) finds that the repair is definitely manageable, but we’ll need to be in a repair bay on ground.

Called In
Com-link signal comes on, “Trusk! Trusk! We need you!”
Yunn hears the call, comlinks us wanting to tell the whole truth
Karka says, no – let’s find a partial check
“We met up with Trusk, with the delivery and we’re continuing the mission for him.”
Other folks (Shell): Glad to hear the delivery is going well, gives us directions. Because of the success of missions, we’ll get to meet with Omat in person.
Kwenn Space Station: Dock #G33
Driona does knowledge check to find out about Omat. Don’t know anything, but haven’t heard of “Omat the destroyer” but gut feel is that he’s generally positive.
Crate inspection: lots of com-gear, good for terrestrial

Going to Kwenn
We had done some documentation and research to have bases covered
Triad defense for the planet we were on had an infiltrator and had used the force to their advantage. The Triad leadership not being known meant it was hard to verify this information. Triad defense forces had operations and maneuvers but the general distrust for those plans as a result of this rumor.
Droid investigation: Driona inventories droid – sees it was a prototype for an R5 but something is a bit different. Most parts are here but some parts are warped or dented – will take a while to hammer things out. Missing some common parts.
R1 -big and bulky, R2 flew in ship, R3/R4: specialties
R5 – streamlined version, known for being cheap-ish (bad motivator when sold by a Jaba) – but the internals don’t seem to be the same. Internals seem to be more like the early production unit built by hand.
I proceed to bring parts around the ship with me and work on tinkering them back into shape.

Sharing Stories
Corrend the Gand bounty hunter made Vero realize he could be more than a procreating male
Lucky doesn’t like talking about himself – seedy past, but wants name for self
Yunn – escaped a hard life
Self (Driona) – Sister missing, father missing.

Kwenn Space Station
Orbits the uninhabitable planet of Kwenn. Border of mid-rim and Hutt Space
Kwenn Central – disk with docking bays around the perimeter, housing and stores crammed into every space in the center. Mirrersteel Heights – luxury towers for the super rich.
Dock at bay G33 – easy peasy
Shell Veen [Sullisan (clearly a mechanic – dress and grime)]
Definitely Trusk’s ship
Glad to see that we’re here with the shipment
Palpable excitement re: Omat.
Apparently the seal on the escape pod “been acting up again”
We go to the room with hooded, old-looking bothan.

Omat O’yo Shi
Freedom Flight organization
Vero asks about the ultimate goal: nodes, not a central group, bigger than any one of us. Work to help free the masses when hear of people held or sold against their will.
Yunn asks if Seccoria: person who infiltrated the Triad?: Don’t know for sure, but there are cells not a centralized organization, so maybe a nearby cell
Yunn asks – what’s the plan on Seccoria?: Several groups working on that issue now. Comm supplies will be important to that mission and others. A team of which Trusk was a part has been tasked with things.
Vero asks if he runs the cell: raises eyebrows. Don’t run anything. I find and recruit.
We get the sense that we’re asking the right questions, Omat says “since we each have reasons to be part of the freedom flight org.” Can’t be part of Trusk’s old mission but could help FF to repay a 4000 credit debt that Trusk accrued, suggests the Talifax Inn and Cantina on Kwenn space station
Could find a job to pay the credits.
Lucky asks about the shipment – it’s taken care of. Asks if he could be more involved. Omat pauses quite a while and says, “you’ll absolutely have an opportunity to become more deeply involved.”
Vero asks what makes him sure we’re the right people: pauses, nods “It’s wise to want to know. Close to the force – can sense about us and our intentions.
I ask – since the org is so spread out, you the only one who helps, “I’m not the only one”
I ask If there are so many groups spread out, how do you know other groups? “You will know.”
Always looking for good and trustworthy people, now is the most important time, something BIG is about to happen. This is going to be big.
Not coincidence

Talifax Inn and Cantina
Sport of choice on screens is smashball – Corellian Dreadnots (Dad was a big fan)
Crowd around one table with a “celebrity-like” guy – lots of people spread around.
Twi’lek barkeep clears off space for Yunn and Karka, order two “blue milks”
We’re here fixing our ship and looking for the “next thing”
Barkeep tells us to talk to the Toydarian at the booth
Vero is scoping the area to see what she sees. Calms a couple guys but notices a guy whose picture is on the wall who is here – the celebrity

Chef Domdees
Hired by a hutt to cook a banquet to prepare gabakee goulash
Negotiate price from 4K for 2 Gabakees to 8K
Only found on Tondaria on the north faces of trees and rocks or near caves, in the southern marshes, near Toydar. Flash frozen within seconds of harvesting.
Has a modified stasis-unit backpack to transit medical components: airlock. Can only be appropriately retrieved by a trained technician. Quite heavy – encumberance of 5, cumbersome of 3.

Malsom O’ne
Instantly recognize the very famous former smashball player, heard he’d bought a bar in hutt space
Was an enforcer on the team, in many important championship matches.
Driona leans on the bar and leans so hard she knocks over the entire bar… >_< but seems like there were a couple of promising winks?
(IRL) Well timed fortune cookie: Confidence of success is almost success

Scouting the Cantina
Lucky is lookin around and sees a bald human (Lad Corrus) – hasn’t talked to anybody this whole time.
Yunn goes up to see if he can help connect Lucky to the bald guy, connects with the barkeep again, talks to the bald guy and offers him a drink. Two moonshines! (TRUIMPH)
Guy opens up pretty quickly, sharing a lot more than expected. Clearly some shady dealings. He really likes Yunn, instant trust.
Mentions Zann consortium, catches himself and changes subject.

Toydaria is habitable, were slaves to hutts at one time. Some are still slaves, but mostly negotiators and businessmen now.
Southern marshes less hospitable, might want breathers. It’ll be slow-going.
Hard slogging through the marsh – grabworms
Grabworms are pretty common, attack one person at a time, latch on with tentacles.
Into swamp find and attack 3 grabworms and they die.
Gabakee hunting
.5 kg by Lucky
.25 kg by Vero
.25 kg net by Yunn, (lost .25 kg of .5)
.25 kg found by Driona
Imperial Swamp Troopers approach – stationed at a nearby station looking for saboteurs – looking for a patrol that recently went missing. Ask for location of gabakee mushrooms – they help us find the mushrooms. Find .5 kg just looking!
Find a cave that’s partially chipped away (seems like the motherload). Vero looks in and sees a body on the ground.

Almost immediately the Shaoryn targeted Yunn with mind control, and made him think that everyone was against him. Luckily for the rest of the team, he quickly had his blaster knocked away. After many rounds of combat, they tried the same mind control with Vero, but his discipline helped him to resist. After a few more rounds, some triumphs, and some despairs, the group persevered and found another 1 kg gabakee!
Got 4 frag grenades.
Go back to ship

Back at Kwenn
Nerd out with Shell about backpack
Talk the dude into 10K for our find
Karka sees a person sneak out the back when looking for somebody of import, but they move SO FAST they’re long gone before he can get more info. Barkeep doesn’t know who it is.
We find a symbol on the napkin under his drink and the writing: S. Halcyon
Don’t know the symbol, but the name is ringing a bell.


Acquiring Deliverance
Inaugural Session

We start out at the shipping yard, having been hired by Trusk, the Trandoshan freedom fighter, to find a crate he needs for his work and deliver it to a drop site. We find the crate and decide to try to relabel the box. The label blows away, Bart the foreman chastises me for dawdling and tells me to work overtime, but the label blows back and I apply it.

Yunn talks to a driver, Ma, who has a propensity for not wanting to work, and convinced him to let us take over – charms the SHIT out of him. Critical charm! Ma left a gift in glovebox.

We end up driving a Trast AA5 Heavy Speeder Truck: Silhouette 3; Speed 1; Handling -2; Hull Trauma 10; Strain 8 and make our way relatively uneventfully to the rendezvous point, a clearing in jungle. Something feels off. We notice a haze, the aftermath of blaster fire – dead body up ahead toward the clearing. Vero goes to see what’s up, sees no motion, the outline of a ship, not much else. Karka goes to body. Sees Trusk the Trandoshan, dead with two blaster shots to the chest. Sees no living soul in the nearby jungle.

We all drive over to the ship. Typically would have two additional cargo pods on the underbelly but they’re missing. Karka and I board – the ship has been modded so when Driona gets to the cockpit it’s tough to do a full system check, Karka goes up at Laser Cannon. Vero perceives the sound of speeders in the distance, but decides with Yunn to try to get the cargo onto the ship.

Yunn and Vero unload cargo, Vero pulls the truck a bit into trees beside ship to get out of sight, long-range. Tries running for the ship, had to run back and close the door and take the keys, and can see the headlights approaching, runs onto the ship.

Looking around the cockpit, Driona sees that there’s a mod-schematics that makes it easier to see what’s going on with the mods (they’re pretty clever!). The ship will be slow to start up, so 1 setback die for first few pilot rolls.

See lights in the distance, armored vehicles approach, Yunn tries talking to them, we disarm their weapons, but he fails to talk them out of cooperating. They laugh at us, but leak that starting “Plan H” means they’ve got somebody coming in from above.

I get the ship started and we’re taking off while the conversation is happening. We fly out of planetary atmosphere and away from the two ships that are approaching from the port side. Vero tries charting a course for Corillia, but it’s not recognized by the navicomputer, but notices there’s something that’s already programmed in, she takes note. Karka tells the ships we’re just a simple cargo ship, and asks what’s going on. They tell us they were told to proceed with Plan H, and Karka responds, saying all’s clear, return to plan B. We see that it’s a Saccorian Patrol ship, defense force for the planet. We accelerate away, and as we leave, notice that the two ships trailing us peel off, one, then the other.



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